Tuesday, May 29, 2007

unintentional prompting of hypothetical excitement.

i probably should've mentioned that i am currently scannerless, so any posting to this will actually not be able to occur until i get back to baltimore in june and, well, get one. so despite the fact that i am actually working and taking full advantage of not having a job for these few weeks before pre-college, i can't prove this fact to you until i get my hands on a scanner.

well, actually, i could photograph them, but i probably won't. because, eww, bad quality. so that's it. sorry to get you all pumped for nothing. yet!

Sunday, May 27, 2007


this blog basically wants to be my real website when it grows up. but, in the meantime, i will post sketches, finishes, or things i am too lazy to update my website to include here. won't that be fun? some of them will probably never muster up the courage to make the leap to the real world, so this might be their only chance to see the light of day. okay, so no art right now, which i know is a lame start to an art blog, but whatev. soon soon.