Sunday, August 31, 2008

dailies 8/24-8/30.

dailies dailies dailies dailies, as per usual.

sunday, august 23rd: "dreaming things into complexity."
monday, august 24th: "i can now add 'thriller choreography' to my list of useless skills."
tuesday, august 25th: "hmm, just add shit."
wednesday, august 26th: "planting too many seeds to see if anything will grow."
thursday, august 27th: "cranky in a cute dress."
friday, august 28th: "what's self-control?"
saturday, august 29th: "i'm counting down a lot of things."

i'm finally unpacked unpacked, settled in and loving my new apartment and roommates. things are looking up, so look for a shameless apartment photo shoot a little later this week before classes get too far underway.

Monday, August 25, 2008

dailies 8/17-8/23.

just a little late this week, it's been a crazy few days. i'm finally getting nicely settled into my new (lovely!) place, i'll probably post pictures and deviate mildly from the strictly art nature of this blog to show off my new house as soon as we get the finishing touches squared away. apparently our toilet is a 'toto', which i'm told is essentially like having a bentley parked in our bathroom. i'm not entirely sure why that was relevant, but here we go:
sunday, august 17th: "a silver lining that basically tied my loose thesis ends in a big fat bow."
monday, august 18th: "a cold shower in a steamy apartment i guess balances out."
tuesday, august 19th: "my thinking cap was exceptionally high-functioning today."
wednesday, august 20th: "actions speak louder."
thursday, august 21st: "i'm letting too much in."
friday, august 22nd: "i'm suddenly ready and willing to pick a fight."
saturday, august 23rd: "too many things are demanding my attention."

the end the end the end the end. classes start up in a week, so expect much more in the visual stimuli department than just week after week of dailies really soon! like whoa!

Monday, August 18, 2008

dailies 8/10-8/16: thrown off my axis.

an absolutely crazy week of moving and ra training and a zippy trip to philadelphia won the great dailies battle of 2008 and i did not get to post this yesterday. apologies abound, but i am presently very distractable with both a shiny new (and pretty much amazing) apartment to settle into and a whole slew of awesome staff mates to be bonding with. so this will stay short and sweet.
sunday, august 10th: "crossing the wrong sorts of things off my to-do list."
monday, august 1th: "scraping the bottom of the fridge-shaped barrel."
tuesday, august 12th: "a weird limbo-state between old and new homes."
wednesday, august 13th: "there is probably a reason that particular song was stuck in my head all day."
thursday, august 14th: "if i am ever interviewed by james lipton, the job i would never like to attempt would 100% be 'professional mover'."
friday, august 15th: "taking a stand, even it is for something embarassingly marginal."
saturday, august 16th: "i'm ready to be a grown-up now please."

we'll see if i can keep this up now that i have legit responsibilities again.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

dailies 8/3-8/9.

an early dailies post this week, since i am moving in the next few days and i need to pack up my trusty scanner all safe and sound so that it makes it in one piece and continues to be trusty in my new home too. sunday, august 3rd: "i spent the day waiting."
monday, august 4th: "my overactive imagination is alive and kicking."
tuesday, august 5th: "i'm losing confidence in the most basic of skills."
wednesday, august 6th: "oh, no."
thursday, august 7th: "turns out i am still an unconditional fan."
friday, august 8th: "i accidentally upped the disillusionment ante."
saturday, august 9th: "i made a strut-worthy playlist."

there was a mini-update to my portfolio site this week, but the next few days will be little more than packing and moving, dragging and lugging. i can't wait. on the horizon after that is a desktop wallpaper submission to kitsune noir's "desktop battle!" on the topic of facial hair, and finally, a resolution of sorts for my backlog of 2008 dailies. and of course, you know, school.

Sunday, August 3, 2008


so, i was feeling bad about my lack of non-dailies posts in approximately one million years. to be fair, a lot of my illustration-type work has been sketch-phase stuff for thesis, and i've been working three jobs, but i believe that's just a long-winded way of saying "excuses, excuses." maybe i'll scan some sketchbook pages to detail "the great squatty progression of 2008" that's been happening over the summer too, but until then, here's the t-shirt design i did for res life, since i will be an ra in the fall. i'm pretty sure it was supposed to have something to do with the theme "through the ages," and i'm pretty sure i said "pshhhhht" to that and just drew this instead. man i love cowboy boots and hugging things.

dailies 7/27-8/2.

rounding out month two of the weekly-dailies posts, and feeling pretty okay about that. though the start of august is unofficial code for "PANIC!!" since that means that means real-life sorts of things are getting started very soon.
sunday, july 27th: "in desperate need of some girl talk."
monday, july 28th: "hanging on tighter than i should."
tuesday, july 29th: "it snuck up on me, like a riptide would if i didn't hate the ocean."
wednesday, july 30th: "a sad, ugly duckling state of affairs."
thursday, july 31st: "feeling so out of my element is causing me to lose confidence."
friday, august 1st: "a nerve-wracking combination of not not knowing what to expect and probably expecting too much."
saturday, august 2nd: "being surrounded by couples just made me want it more."

coming up next: alissandra tightens up slash actually drafts her thesis!

in other news, in case you haven't heard of the delightful "dr. horrible's sing-along blog" you should go ahead and give it a shot. finding a loophole in "hey the writer's strike means that we can't do anything" mandate, this was an extremely low-budget online mini-epic thrown together by joss whedon (the buffy/firefly guy) starring neil patrick harris (the awesome guy) in the title role as a lovelorn super-villain with a penchant for melodic overtures. start-to-finishing in just three 'acts' (about 15 minutes each) it's available online for viewing here and you should check it out. the end!