Monday, August 18, 2008

dailies 8/10-8/16: thrown off my axis.

an absolutely crazy week of moving and ra training and a zippy trip to philadelphia won the great dailies battle of 2008 and i did not get to post this yesterday. apologies abound, but i am presently very distractable with both a shiny new (and pretty much amazing) apartment to settle into and a whole slew of awesome staff mates to be bonding with. so this will stay short and sweet.
sunday, august 10th: "crossing the wrong sorts of things off my to-do list."
monday, august 1th: "scraping the bottom of the fridge-shaped barrel."
tuesday, august 12th: "a weird limbo-state between old and new homes."
wednesday, august 13th: "there is probably a reason that particular song was stuck in my head all day."
thursday, august 14th: "if i am ever interviewed by james lipton, the job i would never like to attempt would 100% be 'professional mover'."
friday, august 15th: "taking a stand, even it is for something embarassingly marginal."
saturday, august 16th: "i'm ready to be a grown-up now please."

we'll see if i can keep this up now that i have legit responsibilities again.

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AishaK said...

Upon first viewing that last one looked like you were spewing. Then, I looked again and saw the beard.