Sunday, August 31, 2008

dailies 8/24-8/30.

dailies dailies dailies dailies, as per usual.

sunday, august 23rd: "dreaming things into complexity."
monday, august 24th: "i can now add 'thriller choreography' to my list of useless skills."
tuesday, august 25th: "hmm, just add shit."
wednesday, august 26th: "planting too many seeds to see if anything will grow."
thursday, august 27th: "cranky in a cute dress."
friday, august 28th: "what's self-control?"
saturday, august 29th: "i'm counting down a lot of things."

i'm finally unpacked unpacked, settled in and loving my new apartment and roommates. things are looking up, so look for a shameless apartment photo shoot a little later this week before classes get too far underway.

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