Sunday, November 30, 2008

dailies 11/23-11/29.

so, because of thanksgiving break, this week of dailies makes me look exceptionally lazy, what with all the eating and lying around and all. but i did other things, like... online shop? and sleep some more. i got a fair amount of work done, especially in preparation for the upcoming mica art market (which it turns out, is showcasing one of my pieces on the front page? neat), where i will be selling silkscreened postcards and prints, a mini-comic (a tiny anthology of most of the comics i've been posting on here plus a little bit of extra-adorableness), and maybe buttons? or maybe not. we'll see, since that was not a part of the work that actually happened.

sunday, november 23rd: "i felt like i was moving in slow motion."
monday, november 24th: "that sandwich was unreasonably delicious."
tuesday, november 25th: "IMPULSE EVERYTHING TODAY."
wednesday, november 26th: "i finally saw fight club tonight, thank god for being anti-social."
thursday, november 27th: "i didn't think i cared much for cats."
friday, november 28th: "my feeble attempts at domesticity only manage to make me feel extra-uncomfortable."
saturday, november 29th: "i indiscriminately extra-love cranberry sauce."

anyway, if you're a baltimore-ish person, you should come out to the art market next next week, the 10th-13th. there'll be like 200 of us selling things, so it will be mighty. or, if you can't wait until then, on the 7th (aka a week from today), squidfire will be having it's annual art mart at the lyric opera house and i will be working like the dutiful intern that i am. hooray!

finally, i (gulp) finished my thesis today. well, lie. but i finished all twelve of the tracks, and am well on my way with the cover a few other odds and ends. so! more of those asap.


Thursday, November 27, 2008

hmmm, unbearably adorable? check.

hi hi, sorry it took me a while to get this not-most-recent comic posted. i was waffling on the limited color -- thoughts? originally it was just black and white.

this one had some oddly specific (read: annoying) restrictions on it, in that the narrative had to directly involve a specific object that we owned AND it had to appear in every panel AND at least one panel on each page had to showcase just the object with no other character. ummm, what? thankfully i think this turned out pretty okay, despite the hoop-jumping.

fun fact: the umbrella showcased above is the one i snatched for free from my improv everywhere escapades in nyc in october. i fibbed on the handle though, because cane handles are cooler than... non-cane handles. less fun fact: none of these things happened with this umbrella. that i know of.

also, happy thanksgiving! i love cranberry sauce.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

dailies 11/17-11/22.

this is a super-speedy, "i'm-not-finished-with-my-work-but-photoshop-is-crying-really-slow-tears-of-please-don't-make-me-polygonal-lasso-one-more-thing-so-it-needs-to-take-a-break-before-it-crashes-and-ruins-everything-ever" in-between post. go!

monday, november 18th: "i didn't know your stomach could drop through your feet when you were sitting down."
tuesday, november 19th: "i think i'm out of fight."
wednesday, november 20th: "i thought it was yesterday long enough to wish two people happy birthday and skip spring registration."
thursday, november 21st: "apparently i'm not allowed to care."
friday, november 22nd: "i was compulsively washing dishes to drown out the sudden, uncontrollable and unexpected sobbing."
saturday, november 23rd: "i went grocery shopping a week ago but apparently that didn't slow me down."


Sunday, November 16, 2008

dailies 11/9-11/16.

a very sad and/or crazy week, i apologize in advance for the most grumbly nature of this week's dailies. some other things that are cool that i did not yet share: my newest comic is about an umbrella and i swear it's more interesting than it sounds, but it has some necessary finishing touches before i can float it out into the universe. so first things first:

sunday, november 9th: "i missed every single phone call i received today."
monday, november 10th: "i think we're all in this together."
tuesday, november 11th: "the day took a major nosedive post-delicious cup of coffee."
wednesday, november 12th: "venturing into question mark territory."
thursday, november 13th: "i may or may not be unreasonably paranoid, but either way, something's fishy."
friday, november 14th: "i've been compulsively listening to the same radiohead album for almost two weeks."
saturday, november 15th: "even the wonderful kind of large group outings make me anxious."

in other news, my sequential professor was threatening a pre-final final assignment that would force each of us to draw a comic that would confront our weakness, like a student who uses excessive expository dialogue to draw a silent comic, or in my case, to draw something not adorable. but then he decided to throw that out the window and instead, we're doing a youth-oriented comic, to which i say, in your face, non-adorable things. yeah!

Thursday, November 13, 2008


so as to be not so much a slacker, here's the next track, to the tune of stars' "look up." i should be finishing up the actual playlist-imagery by thanksgiving, and then onto the cover and printing and binding and such wonder.

however, the real purpose of this post is that though i am not a youtube-savvy human, i was alerted of this lovely knit animation via yuko shimizu at lost at e minor, and i kind of love it, her, and them. so watch it! the end.

Sunday, November 9, 2008

dailies 11/2-11/8.

an up and down, back and forth sort of week. here are some things:

sunday, november 2nd: "i hope that smelling phantom strawberry milk doesn't mean i have an olfactory brain tumor."
monday, november 3rd: "we're not competing but it still feels like i'm losing."
tuesday, november 4th: "way to go america--this is maybe the first time i'm proud to be a part of you."
wednesday, november 5th: "this daily was dancing between me and my dreams of a reasonable bedtime."
thursday, november 6th: "we were the only students who bothered to sing for her birthday."
friday, november 7th: "all my efforts to do her justice were wasted and we were just left trying to clean up the mess."
saturday, november 8th: "we were most definitely making a spectacle."

the end! i have nothing more to say.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

big fat halfway point.

here are tracks 5 and 6 from my thesis, marking the start of the downhill slide to the finish line, hopefully the good kind of downhill, like "the worst is behind us", not the bad, "it won't get any better than it is now" kind. i'm rounding out the 9th track right now, so you're getting this story time-release style, for savoring? or something.

anyway, the 5th track (below) is pj harvey's "you said something" and the 6th (below below) is "gold in the air of summer" by kings of convenience. tada!

Sunday, November 2, 2008

dailies 10/26-11/1.

closing out another month. two more to go! and then i don't know what-- maybe i just keep going until the end of time? i think yes.

sunday, october 26th: "we were walking to the same place at the same time in different worlds."
monday, october 27th: "i can't manage to do anything even remotely sneaky without it coming back to bite me in the ass."
tuesday, october 28th: "every door i passed open as i approached due to a) wind or b) poltergeists."
wednesday, october 29th: "i'm usually an epic failure at looking for things, but they didn't even try."
thursday, october 30th: "um, i can't do this by myself."
friday, october 31st: "you wouldn't even have known it was halloween from the night i had."
saturday, november 1st: "i can't believe i doubted the gravity of the situation and thought they were pulling a prank."

there are other things, but i will save them until later. the end.