Thursday, November 27, 2008

hmmm, unbearably adorable? check.

hi hi, sorry it took me a while to get this not-most-recent comic posted. i was waffling on the limited color -- thoughts? originally it was just black and white.

this one had some oddly specific (read: annoying) restrictions on it, in that the narrative had to directly involve a specific object that we owned AND it had to appear in every panel AND at least one panel on each page had to showcase just the object with no other character. ummm, what? thankfully i think this turned out pretty okay, despite the hoop-jumping.

fun fact: the umbrella showcased above is the one i snatched for free from my improv everywhere escapades in nyc in october. i fibbed on the handle though, because cane handles are cooler than... non-cane handles. less fun fact: none of these things happened with this umbrella. that i know of.

also, happy thanksgiving! i love cranberry sauce.

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