Thursday, June 25, 2009

dailies 6/15-6/21.

it's dailies time. but more importantly, it's sleep time. and really, dailies time was like two days ago. please bear with me during this WOW BUSY time.

Monday, June 15, 2009

dailies 6/8-6/14.

dailies week two wahoo! this will be a quick one because i am very sleepy, even though it is very early. fun fact: the last pattern-y drawing was loosely inspired by staring into the middle distance at my bookshelf, and the first hand-lettering one is me lamenting and/or punishing myself for getting my car towed. because i am a genius.

thank you ladies and gentlemen goodnight!

Friday, June 12, 2009

new studio, new technique.

my new studio is set up and delightful and in my house, wow! hopefully there will be photos to comw, but in the meantime, this is the first thing to come out of it. here we have a tiny experiment where ink drawing meets digital collage, lovingly referred to in my head as "giant-girl naps in the clouds." all the textures were prepped by hand with real paint on real paper, and then scanned beneath an ink drawing that has been digitally colored. thoughts? i'm trying to work out a way to attack my summer thesis (since i'm obsessed with school, slash, am heading into a grad program in the fall), and this is showing some potential, i think.

in other news, i was profiled over at matthew's puzzle, a blog that promotes autism awareness. maryann, the editor, liked the way my what-if series concretely represented whimsical, imaginary situations that autistic children can have difficulty generating in their own minds. please consider visiting and seeing the lovely work she's doing over there, and enter to win a digital print of my "what if... you could fly?" illustration! i'm also doing a sale for matthew's puzzle visitors to my etsy shop for the rest of june, so if you're interested in picking up something adorable from my shop on the cheap, snoop around her site to get the coupon code, and shop to your heart's content!

Monday, June 8, 2009

THE GREAT DAILIES REVIVAL 2009: june 1st-7th.

sorry for the pausity of posts lately - i have been moving to a new place, trying to settle in, and most importantly, crying myself to sleep over my lack of internet. we're trying to work out the kinks, but it's a long, boring, and very sad story that i will definitely spare you. just know it's sad.

on the plus side, the dailies are back! full disclosure: i temporarily forgot when i planned to restart these, and with the nuttiness that was the move to my shiny new (INTERNETLESS; HORRIBLE) apartment, i had to play catch-up and i actually started on june 3rd. ultra-sneaky and terrible, i know. but! they are back in full force and haven't been sidelined since, so there.

now, as far as the posting... this week's was delayed by my impromptu venture up to nyc for MoCCA yesterday. the festival was delightful, and i awkwardly stalked many lovely humans (and actually talked to a few: wahoo brian ralph, jason hoffman, and alex uyeno) and saw a solid panel discussion by seth and adrian tomine.

i must admit that my decision to attend was partially fueled by my comic-love, and partially by my desperate desire for free wi-fi on the bolt bus, i was in no position to wander around baltimore searching for free wi-fi at midnight. i'm devoted, but really? i'd die. plus, this way you get to see my rendition of the eccentric audiophile sitting across from me, emphatically air-conducting many, many symphonies all the way there.

the moral of the story is that a) i am still making things, and b) i still want to show you them, but c) i still have no internet. c) is terrible. c) ruins everything. i will defeat you, c). stay tuned, and thanks for hanging in there.