Sunday, July 27, 2008

dailies 7/20-7/26.

another week, another round of dailies. i just got back from a whirlwind trip to jersey, and am way glad to be back in my own space. here's the week, nothing monumental to report as of yet.

sunday, july 20th: "it's half past 'chill the hell out', but i can't help myself."
monday, july 21st: "grasping at too many things at once and coming up empty."
tuesday, july 22nd: "you look like a birthday present!"
wednesday, july 23rd: "a 'feel like i'm being hugged on the inside' sort of day."
thursday, july 24th: "i can't be the chicken."
friday, july 25th: "a most classy bon voyage."
saturday, july 26th: "planting and cultivating my own doubts."

the end the end the end the end. i don't yet know what exactly all these weekly dailies-strips are going to do slash be, right now its just a weird habit. any brilliant ideas?

Monday, July 21, 2008

dailies 7/13-7/19.

i'm a free woman, sort of, at this point. pre-college is finished (about which i have mixed feelings, as always), and i have a few miscellaneous things going on for the rest of the summer, mostly involving paycheck acquisition and little else. i have maybe translated my mixtape project into a thesis semester, so that may be a longer time coming than originally intended... here's the week:

sunday, july 13th: "i think i'm way behind."
monday, july 14th: "there's enough on my mind to instigate hermit behavior."
tuesday, july 15th: "french presses help make friends."
wednesday, july 16th: "too indulgent for anyone's good."
thursday, july 17th: "i am 100% sure that curiosity definitely killed the damn cat."
friday, july 18th: "i'm over-doing it."
saturday, july 19th: "i guess i really did make an impact on them like they did on me."

that's it. i'm especially snoozy tonight. i need to get organized before i'll have much of anything to show for myself, now that pre-college is done and done and i finally have the time to focus.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

dailies 7/6-7/12.

more dailies, as always. interesting occurrence that did not get immortalized as a daily this week (due to the guilt factor of denying a group of high school students who begged to be that day's drawing): while playing mini-golf on tuesday, post-'giant rain storm', i completely botched the quintessential obstacle - the windmill. forget the fact that the entire course was waterlogged and most of the holes were under a half inch plus of cloudy, lukewarm, gangrene-breeding water, i took the aerial route and banked my ball off the ramp, ricocheting off any number of things before landing a hole in one in the previous hole, which another group was presently playing through. whoo? they gave me the credit, but i also cemented how much i truly suck at mini-golf. i also lost my ball in the bushes at the end of the game. i suck. here's my otherwise golf-less week:

sunday, july 6th: "i think we both pegged each other wrong."
monday, july 7th: "he insisted on referring to the gallon of spilled paint on his floor as an "orange hue", even though it was undeniably pink."
tuesday, july 8th: "desperately trying to stay a secret-keeper."
wednesday, july 9th: "soaking wet and dressed in trash bags, the priority was still, "CAN THIS PLEASE BE YOUR DAILY?!"
thursday, july 10th: " re: hellboy two - my socks are still on."
friday, july 11th: "if i hadn't been in public, i probably wouldn't even have used the spoon."
saturday, july 12th: "apparently i'm a catch, i'm just not paying attention."

expect updates on a few more real life things soon. the mixtape comic is half-sketched at this point, and hopefully will be finished-sketched by this time next week. which was maybe last week's goal also, but don't judge.

Sunday, July 6, 2008

dailies 6/29-7/5.

congratulations to me, i have successfully blogged more than a month's worth of dailies on a weekly basis! also a secondary congratulations to the fact that i have ironed out the playlist and formatting for the narrative mixtape comic plan i have been stewing over for a few weeks now. i also uploaded it as a muxtape so that it is out in the ether and i have to stay committed to it. click the link and go have a listen if you're feeling musical. with that, here's the week:

sunday, june 29th: "quick closeness via surprising commonalities and the ability to actually discuss them coherently."
monday, june 30th: "vastly varied but equally emphatic movie-watching reactions."
tuesday, july 1st: "i'll look down later."
wednesday, july 2nd: "hopefully i charmed rather than terrified my kids with my musical selections."
thursday, july 3rd: "blurring the lines, just like always, but this time from the other side."
friday, july 4th: "perfect."
saturday, july 5th: "rapidly redesigning the alissandra aesthetic."

the mixtape-comic progress is slow-going, but i really want to be able to move significantly forward really really soon, so i'm fighting the urge to blow my free time (translation: frivolous spending) and focus it on this new project. in theory, the twelve songs will collectively tell a story, with each accompanying image illustrating the overarching narrative as well as the independent details specific to each song in a sort of patchwork-grid composition. in gouache. we'll see if it pans out the way i am envisioning it. and i say "we'll see" in the sense that i am crossing my fingers that i will have finished sketches to show the "you" part of the "we" in the next week or so.

in other mostly unrelated news, go see wall-e. for the love of all things good and pure in this world, go see it go see it go see it. and then stay for the beautiful, beautiful credits. and i'm out! but seriously, go see it.