Monday, July 21, 2008

dailies 7/13-7/19.

i'm a free woman, sort of, at this point. pre-college is finished (about which i have mixed feelings, as always), and i have a few miscellaneous things going on for the rest of the summer, mostly involving paycheck acquisition and little else. i have maybe translated my mixtape project into a thesis semester, so that may be a longer time coming than originally intended... here's the week:

sunday, july 13th: "i think i'm way behind."
monday, july 14th: "there's enough on my mind to instigate hermit behavior."
tuesday, july 15th: "french presses help make friends."
wednesday, july 16th: "too indulgent for anyone's good."
thursday, july 17th: "i am 100% sure that curiosity definitely killed the damn cat."
friday, july 18th: "i'm over-doing it."
saturday, july 19th: "i guess i really did make an impact on them like they did on me."

that's it. i'm especially snoozy tonight. i need to get organized before i'll have much of anything to show for myself, now that pre-college is done and done and i finally have the time to focus.

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mom said...

Great week! Love them all... Did you actually hear about the cut in half cat that happened out here? They decided it was an animal attack... A very neat animal attack apparently...