Sunday, July 13, 2008

dailies 7/6-7/12.

more dailies, as always. interesting occurrence that did not get immortalized as a daily this week (due to the guilt factor of denying a group of high school students who begged to be that day's drawing): while playing mini-golf on tuesday, post-'giant rain storm', i completely botched the quintessential obstacle - the windmill. forget the fact that the entire course was waterlogged and most of the holes were under a half inch plus of cloudy, lukewarm, gangrene-breeding water, i took the aerial route and banked my ball off the ramp, ricocheting off any number of things before landing a hole in one in the previous hole, which another group was presently playing through. whoo? they gave me the credit, but i also cemented how much i truly suck at mini-golf. i also lost my ball in the bushes at the end of the game. i suck. here's my otherwise golf-less week:

sunday, july 6th: "i think we both pegged each other wrong."
monday, july 7th: "he insisted on referring to the gallon of spilled paint on his floor as an "orange hue", even though it was undeniably pink."
tuesday, july 8th: "desperately trying to stay a secret-keeper."
wednesday, july 9th: "soaking wet and dressed in trash bags, the priority was still, "CAN THIS PLEASE BE YOUR DAILY?!"
thursday, july 10th: " re: hellboy two - my socks are still on."
friday, july 11th: "if i hadn't been in public, i probably wouldn't even have used the spoon."
saturday, july 12th: "apparently i'm a catch, i'm just not paying attention."

expect updates on a few more real life things soon. the mixtape comic is half-sketched at this point, and hopefully will be finished-sketched by this time next week. which was maybe last week's goal also, but don't judge.

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