Sunday, July 6, 2008

dailies 6/29-7/5.

congratulations to me, i have successfully blogged more than a month's worth of dailies on a weekly basis! also a secondary congratulations to the fact that i have ironed out the playlist and formatting for the narrative mixtape comic plan i have been stewing over for a few weeks now. i also uploaded it as a muxtape so that it is out in the ether and i have to stay committed to it. click the link and go have a listen if you're feeling musical. with that, here's the week:

sunday, june 29th: "quick closeness via surprising commonalities and the ability to actually discuss them coherently."
monday, june 30th: "vastly varied but equally emphatic movie-watching reactions."
tuesday, july 1st: "i'll look down later."
wednesday, july 2nd: "hopefully i charmed rather than terrified my kids with my musical selections."
thursday, july 3rd: "blurring the lines, just like always, but this time from the other side."
friday, july 4th: "perfect."
saturday, july 5th: "rapidly redesigning the alissandra aesthetic."

the mixtape-comic progress is slow-going, but i really want to be able to move significantly forward really really soon, so i'm fighting the urge to blow my free time (translation: frivolous spending) and focus it on this new project. in theory, the twelve songs will collectively tell a story, with each accompanying image illustrating the overarching narrative as well as the independent details specific to each song in a sort of patchwork-grid composition. in gouache. we'll see if it pans out the way i am envisioning it. and i say "we'll see" in the sense that i am crossing my fingers that i will have finished sketches to show the "you" part of the "we" in the next week or so.

in other mostly unrelated news, go see wall-e. for the love of all things good and pure in this world, go see it go see it go see it. and then stay for the beautiful, beautiful credits. and i'm out! but seriously, go see it.


rafael said...

ohh nice playlist! i like itttt!

rafael said...

oh nice playlist by the way! I like ittt!