Tuesday, June 29, 2010

dailies OOPS A LITTLE LATE 6/20-6/27.

so part of my work for the pre-college program (which has officially started, WAHOO) requires me to stay in the commons with the students for the duration of their time at mica. that is super, of course (coughsarcasmcough), but it does mean that i don't have immediate access to a scanner for the dailies-uploading. so here they are just a little bit late:
sunday, june 20th: "forging ties."
monday, june 21st: "the worst puzzle in the world."
tuesday, june 22nd: "oops i'm a raging bitch."
wednesday, june 23rd: "HEY COOL I'M EMPLOYED"
thursday, june 24th: "wow, my own personal cheerleader."
friday, june 25th: "just getting started and ready to be done."
saturday, june 26th: "dressed purposefully to impress, accidentally to match."

my nights off from the program are mon/tues, so for the next few weeks, dailies updates are gonna have to wait until i can get back to my scanner--- so hold your horses or hang tight or calm the (OMG EXPLETIVE DELETED) down or whatever until then, they'll be here i swear! have a great (rest of your) week, everybody.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

dailies 6/13-6/19.

time for the dailies! in a hurry, but here they are!

sunday, june 13th: "i'm ready to be a real human."
monday, june 14th: "no time to eatdrinkbreathe."
tuesday, june 15th: "willing the phone to ring."
wednesday, june 16th: "a serious ice cream sandwich sort of day."
 thursday, june 17th: "hanging on by the tiniest of threads."
friday, june 18th: "i am gonna be one dead messenger."
saturday, june 19th: "falling asleep. and apart."
tomorrow marks the start of a one-month intensive studio residency program for high school kids that i coordinate OMG OMG. wish me sanity and strength--- it's gonna be awesome!

Sunday, June 13, 2010

dailies 6/6-6/12.

dailies, quick and dirty today before i run off to do one million things!

sunday, june 6th: "the novelty of two holes for your legs instead of just one."
monday, june 7th: "sorting receipts and replaying history."
tuesday, june 8th: "aimless, perfect two-hour walk."
wednesday, june 9th: "everything today felt like the intensity was turned up a few too many notches."
thursday, june 10th: "hopes! stay where you are."
friday, june 11th: "pressure builds and tensions rise."
saturday, june 12th: "i didn't even have a good excuse."

that's it for now i gotta go go go go go go go! things are happening... i'll keep you posted, world! have a great week, everybody!

Sunday, June 6, 2010

dailies 5/30-6/5.

dailies time! surprise, surprise. this has been a strange intermediary week, no longer a student, but not quite into the swing of things for summer. this disjointed non-balance has led to so much shopping. oh, no. but! without further ado, here we go:
sunday, may 30th: "squeezing every moment out of our last minutes together."
monday, may 31st: "our best attempts at a safety net."
tuesday, june 1st: "hanging on by a very important thread."
wednesday, june 2nd: "putting all my eggs in one imaginary basket."
thursday, june 3rd: "starting from scratch."
friday, june 4th: "trying not to seem too eager."
saturday, june 5th: "the best-dressed unemployed person around."

fortunately, i don't have a ton of down-time to throw me off-balance for the rest of the summer--- next week, things pick right back up with summer camp and then pre-college and then more summer camp wahoo! have a great week, everyone.