Sunday, June 6, 2010

dailies 5/30-6/5.

dailies time! surprise, surprise. this has been a strange intermediary week, no longer a student, but not quite into the swing of things for summer. this disjointed non-balance has led to so much shopping. oh, no. but! without further ado, here we go:
sunday, may 30th: "squeezing every moment out of our last minutes together."
monday, may 31st: "our best attempts at a safety net."
tuesday, june 1st: "hanging on by a very important thread."
wednesday, june 2nd: "putting all my eggs in one imaginary basket."
thursday, june 3rd: "starting from scratch."
friday, june 4th: "trying not to seem too eager."
saturday, june 5th: "the best-dressed unemployed person around."

fortunately, i don't have a ton of down-time to throw me off-balance for the rest of the summer--- next week, things pick right back up with summer camp and then pre-college and then more summer camp wahoo! have a great week, everyone.

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Michael Clayton said...

I think the best dressed homeless people were from the 20's they all had fedoras