Wednesday, August 26, 2009

oh hey, i forgot i went to dr. sketchy's.

so a couple weeks ago i went to dr. sketchy's! i nearly forgot, what with all the work-doing. here are two pages combo-plattered from the many many drawings i did that night. it's really fun! and outside my normal subject matter of cute and/or adorable things, and i love the change of pace.
if you haven't been, you should check it out dr. sketchy's baltimore, or a branch local to you.

whoo! also of note, the rollergirl with zombie-face in the upper right hand corner of that second image is my attempt at drawing with my opposite hand, i didn't have like a mini-stroke or anything. that's all. time for more more work work.

Monday, August 24, 2009

dailies 8/17-8/23 + BONUS HOORAY

a busy busy week. at the end of my first full week of nothing but illustration, i am feeling pretty good about my progress, and about the sheer quantities of marathon tv i can churn through in the background. along with dexter, i've devoured it's always sunny in philadelphia and the oc, both of which can be hulu'ed for your viewing pleasure. any suggestions for my next conquest?

first up are the dailies, followed by a fun surprise!

at the end of my walters classes, i got a little bit of time to draw from their collection, so here's a study of thomas couture's daydream! hooray academic exercises. i forgot how much i love doing these kinds of things.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

dailies 8/10-8/16.

back from a long weekend of relaxation just in time to buckle down for lots and lots and lots of work. i finished up my summer camps at the walters and have two uninterrupted weeks to, um, get it together. this is me, getting it together READYSETGO. i'll be back soon.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

dailies 8/3-8/9.

back again with more dailies. and! i've been trucking along on my master's thesis (this time for real!) and i've made lots of progress this week and last, since my daily schedule has basically devolved into teaching at the walters, illustrating children's books while watching marathon stretches of dexter (a very contradictory pair), and eating sugary cereal straight from the box.

i'm keeping things under wraps for the moment (plus, i have four underway but zero fully completed), but i'm basically illustrating a children's recommended reading column/book review series. i'll be tying up the loose digital ends on pieces for the view from saturday and harriet the spy this weekend on my SHINY NEW MACBOOK PRO. the days of typing a sentence and then going and getting a snack, making a phone call, and then having the letters appear on my screen are over. his name is quincy, and he is the unofficial sponsor of this week's dailies. WAHOO.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

dailies 7/27-8/2.

more dailies more dailies more dailies! i'm in the throes of a swell comics class at the walters, and am finally in knee-deep in my thesis. embarassingly late, but better than not at all, right? so, brief now, more later! lesson plans and sketches await me!