Sunday, November 28, 2010

dailies 11/21-11/27.

wow, so this entire post i kept wanting to write "january" instead of "november," which i think is my brain's way of saying, "HEY GET IT TOGETHER IT'S ALMOST CHRISTMAS." that, or it's trying to tell me, "HEY YOU'RE LOSING YOUR MIND JUST FYI." in either case, this long, delicious holiday weekend has been full of lots of to-do-ing, but also lots of nice warm, sleeping. maybe that will help with the crazy? now on to the dailies:

 sunday, november 21st: "nothing to report."
 monday, november 22nd: "two of my students came dressed as me for first day of spirit week."
 tuesday, november 23rd: "for just a moment i felt like the expert."
 wednesday, november 24th: "swallowed by a terrible nightmare."
 thursday, november 25th: thank you, world."
 friday, november 26th: "making slow and steady progress."
saturday, november 27th: "waited far too long to do laundry."

i hope everyone had a great thanksgiving, and is looking forward to a lovely holiday season! keep your eyes peeled for more artmarket updates, and have a great week, everybody!

Sunday, November 21, 2010

dailies 11/14-11/20.

another week of dailies are here!

 sunday, november 14th: "slowly pulling all the pieces together."
 monday, november 15th: "making no good use of my precious free moments."
 tuesday, november 16th: "ready for school for the rest of the week?! cheers!"
 wednesday, november 17th: "slowly approaching a normal schedule."
 thursday, november 18th: "i'm like a tiny celebrity."
 friday, november 19th: "a string of tiny ego boosts."
saturday, november 20th: "self-control, where have you gone?"

also, i'm prepping for sales at mica's artmarket in just a few weeks over the holiday weekend next week, so if there are requests you would like to make or suggest, lay 'em on me! the sale will be going on from december 8th-11th, so pick up some heart-sleeve studio goods for the holidays! you can also get a small selection of things from my etsy shop, or direct through me by emailing whee happy holidays! have a good week, everybody!

Sunday, November 14, 2010

dailies 11/7-11/13.

another week of dailies coming at you! i installed my students' first big art exhibition this week, and it looks pretty great, if i do say so myself. i'll be sure to document the opening this thursday and post some shots of my adorable middle schoolers.

 sunday, november 7th: "dodging my responsibilities."
 monday, november 8th: "preparing for a week on automatic pilot."
 tuesday, november 9th: "bring on round 3."
 wednesday, november 1oth: "and here i thought i was no good at marathoning."
 thursday, november 11th: "if teachers got paid overtime, i would be a millionaire."
 friday, november 12th: "slowly scoring points."
saturday, november 13th: "closing the curtain on work and taking a sacred saturday."

that's it! have a great week everybody!

Sunday, November 7, 2010

dailies 10/31-11/6.

oh sweet jesus i love daylight savings time! it snuck up on me and totally rewarded me with a legit extra hour of sleep this morning. WHAT A GREAT PRESENT. 

 sunday, october 31st: "woke up from a saucy jon stewart dream lingering from an incredible yesterday."
 monday, november 1st: "turns out i have a on/off switch for rage."
 tuesday, november 2nd: "wow i'm the worst host ever."
 wednesday, november 3rd: "physically unable to get out of my warm, cozy bed."
 thursday, november 4th: "there's always something else."
 friday, november 5th: "snacking my way through every moment of the day."
saturday, november 6th: "me and television have a very satisfying relationship."

enjoy your extra hour, and have a great week everybody!