Friday, March 21, 2008


i'm unfortunately aware that it has been like a month since i last posted anything - tragic, unspeakable, unforgivable, etc., etc. floggings will be administered. let's get back into the groove with some response-respond pieces from the last few weeks, shall we?
first we have a "continuation" of two weird monster kid things that looked like they were yawning very symmetrically, thus sleeping very symmetrically, except one of them is maybe not really a monster. then more sleeping.this week's was "reversing" a food chain that said that snakes and frogs and deer-ish things and bunnies ate children. so instead, we have a silly blond boy with footie pajamas and a really big appetite. and an alice in wonderland-esque girl in a blue frock.

these were actually the first week's response-respond pieces, the ones i forgot to scan. it was an "exaggeration" of a boy quasi-hugging (think awkward family portrait) a skull-faced polo-wearing guy while holding baseball-type accoutrements. naturally, a crazy slide-tackle hug ensued. and a demented anatomy archer guy followed.and apparently by "last few weeks", i really meant "all the response-repsond pieces after the first one, since i haven't posted anything in like eight million years". sorry guys. this one is "questioning" a robot ripping off the head of some guy by, you know, making the robot a nerd in a robot suit? maybe? then a bird falls off a cliff, i'm not sure why. my random 'respond' pieces are bizarre, and usually completed very late at night.

so there you have it, all the response-respond pieces up to now. stay tuned for a cover design for one of these books, my "freak the mighty" book proposal comps, my words on wheels poster, and my christmas wrapping paper design. etc.! i promise i definitely probably won't be such a toolbox like this again.