Sunday, March 28, 2010

dailies 3/21-3/27.

a sort of lazy week for the dailies, i must admit... the countdown to spring break was a rough one, but now it is here! let's get going: 
sunday, march 21st: "affectionate new dog friends are both super-awesome and super-distracting."
monday, march 22nd: "sorry, we're fresh out of motivation."
tuesday, march 23rd: "i think they like me even if they don't understand a thing i say."
wednesday, march 24th: "a slew of surprise hugs turned the day around in a matter of minutes."
thursday, march 25th: "DON'T CARE TOO SLEEPY."
friday, march 26th: "filling out forms stresses me out."
saturday, march 27th: "zero sense of direction."

spring break for me really means still doing assloads of work, but waking up a little later to do it, WAHOO! hope everyone else's week (spring break-flavored or not) is a good one! 

Sunday, March 21, 2010

dailies 3/14-3/20.

happy spring! the dailies are here and very excited for the lovely frolicking weather (just like me!). let's do it:
sunday, march 14th: "ask and ye shall receive! thanks, universe."
monday, march 15th: "still feeling out of sync."
tuesday, march 16th: "the flip of a switch and everything can change."
wednesday, march 17th: "singing too enthusiastically is probably just as dangerous as texting while driving."
thursday, march 18th: "everything i do i want to do forever."
friday, march 19th: "starting to make connections."
saturday, march 20th: "makes me want a dog more, not less."

just one more week until spring break! the next time you see (read?) me, i will be one happy lady. 

Sunday, March 14, 2010

dailies 3/7-3/13.

dailies time! also, spring forward is a big fat bummer. the loss of an hour of sleep is not helping the apparent theme of the week, which is I AM EXHAUSTED. gotta keep plugging away, since tomorrow i start my second student teaching placement in high school! hooray?! i think i am excited.
sunday, march 7th: "compulsively alternating between 'this american life' and 'TEDtalks.'"
monday, march 8th: "my body can't keep up with my brain."
tuesday, march 9th: "the perfect end to a pretty perfect day."
wednesday, march 10th: "i speak in analogies."
thursday, march 11th: "is sleepy contagious?"
friday, march 12th: "an entirely anti-climactic last day."
saturday, march 13th: "i can't seem to catch up on my sleep."

okay! send "wow, that miss seelaus is so cool!" vibes to my high schoolers tomorrow, won't you please? see you next week.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

dailies 2/28-3/6.

hooray, time for the dailies! this week has been a "zoom-out big picture" kind of week, and also a clearly text-heavy week for the dailies. it's funny slash weird to notice drawing trends in how life translates to image over a given period of time. in any case, here we go!
sunday, february 28th: "oh fiction, how i've missed you."
monday, march 1st: "'in like a lion' is right."
tuesday, march 2nd: "sometimes i feel like i need to learn how to care less." 
wednesday, march 3rd: "using twelve words when one will do is my specialty."
thursday, march 4th: "i'm a little afraid of the big picture."
friday, march 5th: "my brain is chasing ideas in too many different directions."
saturday, march 6th: "taking a day for life things."