Sunday, March 14, 2010

dailies 3/7-3/13.

dailies time! also, spring forward is a big fat bummer. the loss of an hour of sleep is not helping the apparent theme of the week, which is I AM EXHAUSTED. gotta keep plugging away, since tomorrow i start my second student teaching placement in high school! hooray?! i think i am excited.
sunday, march 7th: "compulsively alternating between 'this american life' and 'TEDtalks.'"
monday, march 8th: "my body can't keep up with my brain."
tuesday, march 9th: "the perfect end to a pretty perfect day."
wednesday, march 10th: "i speak in analogies."
thursday, march 11th: "is sleepy contagious?"
friday, march 12th: "an entirely anti-climactic last day."
saturday, march 13th: "i can't seem to catch up on my sleep."

okay! send "wow, that miss seelaus is so cool!" vibes to my high schoolers tomorrow, won't you please? see you next week.

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