Sunday, March 7, 2010

dailies 2/28-3/6.

hooray, time for the dailies! this week has been a "zoom-out big picture" kind of week, and also a clearly text-heavy week for the dailies. it's funny slash weird to notice drawing trends in how life translates to image over a given period of time. in any case, here we go!
sunday, february 28th: "oh fiction, how i've missed you."
monday, march 1st: "'in like a lion' is right."
tuesday, march 2nd: "sometimes i feel like i need to learn how to care less." 
wednesday, march 3rd: "using twelve words when one will do is my specialty."
thursday, march 4th: "i'm a little afraid of the big picture."
friday, march 5th: "my brain is chasing ideas in too many different directions."
saturday, march 6th: "taking a day for life things."

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