Sunday, March 28, 2010

dailies 3/21-3/27.

a sort of lazy week for the dailies, i must admit... the countdown to spring break was a rough one, but now it is here! let's get going: 
sunday, march 21st: "affectionate new dog friends are both super-awesome and super-distracting."
monday, march 22nd: "sorry, we're fresh out of motivation."
tuesday, march 23rd: "i think they like me even if they don't understand a thing i say."
wednesday, march 24th: "a slew of surprise hugs turned the day around in a matter of minutes."
thursday, march 25th: "DON'T CARE TOO SLEEPY."
friday, march 26th: "filling out forms stresses me out."
saturday, march 27th: "zero sense of direction."

spring break for me really means still doing assloads of work, but waking up a little later to do it, WAHOO! hope everyone else's week (spring break-flavored or not) is a good one! 

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