Sunday, July 31, 2011

dailies 7/24-7/30.

okay, back on track. i am happy to present to you the dailies from my first week as a real, live human! this week was jam-packed with swimming & other woodsy adventures, birthday fun, and bon voyages, but i have a full three weeks that i plan to cram full of anything and everything i want in a summer vacation.
 (sunday, july 24th)
  (monday, july 25th)
  (tuesday, july 26th)
  (wednesday, july 27th)
  (thursday, july 28th)
  (friday, july 29th)
 (saturday, july 30th)

 stay tuned for more summer adventures! have a great week, everybody!

Saturday, July 30, 2011

FINALLY dailies 7/17-7/23.

so here they are. finally. it has been such a busy conclusion to pre-college, since so many people are off to bigger and brighter things, and i had to see them all before they go (which means so many dance parties, so many). also i am fully planning to take full advantage of the month of august, my first real opportunity to have a summer in quite a long time! so, things are a-brewing, that's the point. but! before we can get to that, let's get to these (after such a long wait):

(sunday, july 17th)
(monday, july 18th)
(tuesday, july 19th)
(wednesday, july 20th)
(thursday, july 21st)
 (friday, july 22nd)
(saturday, july 23rd)

tomorrow i'll be back on track with this week's dailies, so enjoy the rest of your day and I'LL SEE YOU TOMORROW. thanks for being patient!

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

the old switcheroo!

so, i know you've all probably been grumbling to yourself, "GIVE ME THE DAILIES I WANT THE DAILIES" but unfortunately, i don't have them for you yet. they are stuck in the blue pencil stage right now because, for the end of the pre-college program i decided to take my gentle obsession with making/writing love notes (which littered our office by the end of the program, doodled on post-its, scrap paper, and even a toilet paper roll fashioned into a tiny owl speaking words of love & adoration) and make hand-lettered thank yous for my incredible staff members (slash friends).

below is a sampling of some of them which i present as a peace offering and also proof that i am in fact not a big fat slacker. i hope they liked getting them as much as i liked making them.

the dailies will be coming, i promise. i am hoping to sneak this week's in before i head to the beach for some legit vacation-time like a real-live grown-up (without internet or a scanner).
have a great (rest of) your week, everyone!

Monday, July 18, 2011

dailies 7/10-7/16.

dailies coming at you from pre-college, week three! i just wrapped up a wildly successful nyc adventure that, while it was only 8 hours in the city, allowed me to check off all 5 things on my to-do list, plus a couple cool bonus things! let's get to it:
 (sunday, july 10th)
  (monday, july 11th)
  (tuesday, july 12th)
  (wednesday, july 13th)
  (thursday, july 14th)
  (friday, july 15th)
 (saturday, july 16th)

also, i am now slowly transitioning into a google+ existence, so check me out there, too! so far, i am a big fan.
i'm outta here to play some late-night (and therefore less sweaty/terrible) frisbee to my little heart's content! have a great week, everybody! 

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

dailies 7/3-7/9.

the slightly-delayed dailies are here again, fresh from a whirlwind trip to pittsburgh for a wedding! it was a steep climb out of pre-college and into real life again, but it was a truly wonderful trip filled with great company. let's get on with it:
 (sunday, july 3rd)
 (monday, july 4th)
 (tuesday, july 5th)
 (wednesday, july 6th)
 (thursday, july 7th)
 (friday, july 8th)
(saturday, july 9th)

pre-college is more than halfway over! wow. here's to another smooth two weeks. have a great week, everybody! 

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

nomadic playlist: the new pornographers' sweet talk, sweet talk

okay, so i can explain.

i finally received the nomadic playlist after a very long hiatus sometime last fall, and it sort of sat on my desk, taunting me as i wrote lesson plans day in and day out all year, until finally, spring break and the imminent threat of holding onto it for almost as long as my partner in crime had held it previously guilted me into completing this spread and sending it back on it's merry way.

it's to accompany the song "sweet talk, sweet talk" from the new pornographers' most recent album together which is awesome and who i was able to see perform live shortly before making said spread (a possible source of inspiration, who's to say).

i know i last promised i would be prompt with the posting, but, well... i don't have anything to say for myself except I'M SORRY WON'T YOU FORGIVE ME? hopefully i'll be able to knock another spread out during these lazy summer months (ahem, hinthint) if it comes back my way more swiftly this time. and if THAT happens, i super-extra-pinky-promise to share the goods. for real.

Monday, July 4, 2011

dailies 6/26-7/2.

i'm here, reporting from the first full week of pre-college and i can safely say i am both alive and well. let's take a look:
 (sunday, june 26th)
  (monday, june 27th)
  (tuesday, june 28th)
  (wednesday, june 29th)
  (thursday, june 30th)
  (friday, july 1st)
 (saturday, july 2nd)

fingers crossed that a strong start leads to a strong finish for pre-college 2011! i'm lucky to have a great staff working with me (full of dynamite frisbee friends), so here's to three more weeks of smooth sailing. have a great week, everybody!