Wednesday, July 27, 2011

the old switcheroo!

so, i know you've all probably been grumbling to yourself, "GIVE ME THE DAILIES I WANT THE DAILIES" but unfortunately, i don't have them for you yet. they are stuck in the blue pencil stage right now because, for the end of the pre-college program i decided to take my gentle obsession with making/writing love notes (which littered our office by the end of the program, doodled on post-its, scrap paper, and even a toilet paper roll fashioned into a tiny owl speaking words of love & adoration) and make hand-lettered thank yous for my incredible staff members (slash friends).

below is a sampling of some of them which i present as a peace offering and also proof that i am in fact not a big fat slacker. i hope they liked getting them as much as i liked making them.

the dailies will be coming, i promise. i am hoping to sneak this week's in before i head to the beach for some legit vacation-time like a real-live grown-up (without internet or a scanner).
have a great (rest of) your week, everyone!

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