Saturday, July 30, 2011

FINALLY dailies 7/17-7/23.

so here they are. finally. it has been such a busy conclusion to pre-college, since so many people are off to bigger and brighter things, and i had to see them all before they go (which means so many dance parties, so many). also i am fully planning to take full advantage of the month of august, my first real opportunity to have a summer in quite a long time! so, things are a-brewing, that's the point. but! before we can get to that, let's get to these (after such a long wait):

(sunday, july 17th)
(monday, july 18th)
(tuesday, july 19th)
(wednesday, july 20th)
(thursday, july 21st)
 (friday, july 22nd)
(saturday, july 23rd)

tomorrow i'll be back on track with this week's dailies, so enjoy the rest of your day and I'LL SEE YOU TOMORROW. thanks for being patient!

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