Sunday, April 25, 2010

dailies 4/18-4/24.

sunday, april 18th: "i miss you, coffee."
monday, april 19th: "i never want to be the thing, significant or not, that pushes someone to their breaking point."
tuesday, april 20th: "connected through collective hope."
wednesday, april 21st: "i love that i am in the loop."

thursday, april 22nd: "a series of reminders of just how lucky i am."

friday, april 23rd: "it's a good thing i'm not a cat."

saturday, april 23rd: "suddenly the fact that i sink in the pool seems entirely apropos at this point."

when's graduation again? because i am definitely not counting, nope, no way. see you all next week!

Sunday, April 18, 2010

dailies 4/11-4/17.

the dailies are back! sort of. i'm still a bit sick, which is totally annoying, and i spent the last four days at the national art education association convention, which was totally nerdy and totally incredible. that being said, i'm exhausted and saddled with so much work to catch up on to since i got to take a miniature academic vacation. so, here they are so i can get back to work:
sunday, april 11th: "the most disappointing: tiramisu without espresso or rum."
monday, april 12th: "wow, suddenly struck with a sickness arrow."
tuesday, april 13th: "cloudy with a chance of delusions."
wednesday, april 14th: "gently stalking my art education heroes."
thursday, april 15th: "letting myself get walked on."
friday, april 16th: "'HEY! MISS SEELAUS!' has never been so nice to hear."
saturday, april 17th: "a most serendipitous day."

all right, back to work! only fifteen teaching days left WHOA (not that i'm counting... i'm a little bit counting).

Friday, April 16, 2010

the dailies 4/4-4/10 RETURN.

so here they are finally oh gosh! this has been crazy week because it's the national art education association conference and everything is overwhelming and awesome! also i'm sick, thus the further delay. but enough of that let's go:
sunday, april 4th: "strange, wizard of oz-ish, 'and you were there! and you!' dreams."
monday, april 5th: "OH NO OH NO"
tuesday, april 6th: "people who made my day today, in chronological order."
wednesday, april 7th: "thanks, busted water main, you're the best. love, alissandra"
thursday, april 8th: "if ruffles ever become a fashion faux-pas, i will be so naked."
friday, april 9th: "i so don't think i had them convinced it was allergies."
saturday, april 10th: "exactly what i needed, and long overdue."

Sunday, April 11, 2010

OH NO: dailies 4/4-4/10.

so a power outage and supreme overload of things has complicated the posting of the dailies this week (and frankly, the doing of the dailies this week). they are "done" but still analog and not scanned and i have things to do and sorry i'll get them here soon! until then, here's something else to keep you company:

ta da! be back soon.

Monday, April 5, 2010

dailies: 3/28-4/3.

where have you gone, spring break?! i always have such grandiose intentions for my coveted free time, and somehow not everything fits. all i have to say at this point is, wow, easter monday is the greatest idea ever --- one more day to get everything squared away. in any case, here's how i spent my spring break:
sunday, march 28th: "i was never very good at juggling."
 monday, march 29th: "bye, motivation, bye!"
tuesday, march 30th: "i am so good at saying yes."
 wednesday, march 31st: "using other peoples' needs to distract me from my own."
thursday, april 1st: "no joke."
 friday, april 2nd: "NO END IN SIGHT."
saturday, april 3rd: "my cinematic debut, rated 'c' for 'conceptual.'"

see you next week, maybe sooner (ha, funny joke)! but, i do actually have a non-dailies post to make, so we'll see when/if that can happen. KEEP YOUR EYES PEELED.