Sunday, April 18, 2010

dailies 4/11-4/17.

the dailies are back! sort of. i'm still a bit sick, which is totally annoying, and i spent the last four days at the national art education association convention, which was totally nerdy and totally incredible. that being said, i'm exhausted and saddled with so much work to catch up on to since i got to take a miniature academic vacation. so, here they are so i can get back to work:
sunday, april 11th: "the most disappointing: tiramisu without espresso or rum."
monday, april 12th: "wow, suddenly struck with a sickness arrow."
tuesday, april 13th: "cloudy with a chance of delusions."
wednesday, april 14th: "gently stalking my art education heroes."
thursday, april 15th: "letting myself get walked on."
friday, april 16th: "'HEY! MISS SEELAUS!' has never been so nice to hear."
saturday, april 17th: "a most serendipitous day."

all right, back to work! only fifteen teaching days left WHOA (not that i'm counting... i'm a little bit counting).

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