Wednesday, August 31, 2011

nomadic playlist: "towers" by bon iver

just a couple weeks ago i finished my most recent spread in the nomadic playlist, inspired by "towers" from bon iver's self-titled album with which i am gently obsessed. and here i am like a good little blogger, posting it now instead of, well, never.

and here's the song:

we're trying to pick up the pace on this project to be faster than a really slow snail, so hopefully there'll be more frequent nomadic playlist posts in the future! one cool thing is that the sketchbook has truly been a nomad, traveling to several destinations on the east and west coasts! that is neat.

Sunday, August 28, 2011

dailies 8/21-8/27.

so despite both an earthquake and a hurricane, things were actually pretty normal during teacher prep week prior to the first day of school (which, due to the latter, was canceled tomorrow). let's take a look:

 (sunday, august 21st)
 (monday, august 22nd)
 (tuesday, august 23rd)
 (wednesday, august 24th)
 (thursday, august 25th)
 (friday, august 26th)
(saturday, august 27th)

i am close, but not totally mentally prepared for the start of the school year so this extra three-day weekend is a really great buffer. hope everyone on the east coast stayed dry (and not crushed by trees and/or lamp posts!). have a great week, everybody!

Sunday, August 21, 2011

dailies 8/14-8/20.

here we have the dailies from my last week of freedom before heading back to work tomorrow. i must say, i am quite proud of how much summer i squeezed into so few weeks: i realized i was in 4 different states within 4 days, not too shabby.

 (sunday, august 14th)
 (monday, august 15th)
 (tuesday, august 16th)
 (wednesday, august 17th)
 (thursday, august 18th)
 (friday, august 19th)
(saturday, august 20th)

though i have a tiny case of the sunday blues sneaking up on me, i am a little bit excited (shhhh just a little) to get back to my classroom and get off on the right foot this fall. have a great week everybody!

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

dailies 8/7-8/13.

so i'm back from boston and while i had a really fantastic time there, i am glad to be home! a word to the wise: actually taking the thirty seconds to make your bed before you leave on a trip makes arriving home so much more pleasant. what topped it off though was the incredible sandwich waiting for me from trinacria thanks to my wonderful roommate. best homecoming ever! let's get caught up here:

 (sunday, august 7th)
 (monday, august 8th)
 (tuesday, august 9th)
 (wednesday, august 10th)
 (thursday, august 11th)
 (friday, august 12th)
(saturday, august 13th)

my trip to boston also included a small tangent up into the woods of maine for a little lakeside stay. i am making these last days of summer count, let me tell you! have a great rest of your week, everybody.

Sunday, August 14, 2011

the (not yet!) dailies:

so no dailies just yet because i am presently on vacation in the fair city of boston! in lieu of my own hand-lettering, here is a sampling of some of the beautiful type i've found on my escapades so far:

 i think of them as "feral letters" out in their natural habitat and i love hunting them (imagine me playing real-life grown-up pokemon snap, but with typography). i found a lot of great stuff and i am thoroughly enjoying myself, therefore i am also thoroughly exhausted! stay tuned for the dailies later in the week when i get back home. i also have one more boston-shaped surprise to share with you, but it will have to wait as well (so as not to ruin the fun for those involved!). is the suspense killing you? hopefully no. have a great week, everybody! be back soon.

Saturday, August 6, 2011

dailies 7/31-8/6 EARLY EDITION.

here are the dailies, a little early this week since i'm taking off for the beach tomorrow and will have limited to no internet access (she says filled with equal amounts of joy and terror)!

 (sunday, july 31st)
 (monday, august 1st)
 (tuesday, august 2nd)
 (wednesday, august 3rd)
 (thurdsay, august 4th)
 (friday, august 5th)
(saturday, august 6th)

think dry thoughts for me (the weather is supposed to be pretty iffy this week)! i still plan on enjoying the hell out of my last couple weeks before school starts. have a great week, everybody!