Tuesday, August 16, 2011

dailies 8/7-8/13.

so i'm back from boston and while i had a really fantastic time there, i am glad to be home! a word to the wise: actually taking the thirty seconds to make your bed before you leave on a trip makes arriving home so much more pleasant. what topped it off though was the incredible sandwich waiting for me from trinacria thanks to my wonderful roommate. best homecoming ever! let's get caught up here:

 (sunday, august 7th)
 (monday, august 8th)
 (tuesday, august 9th)
 (wednesday, august 10th)
 (thursday, august 11th)
 (friday, august 12th)
(saturday, august 13th)

my trip to boston also included a small tangent up into the woods of maine for a little lakeside stay. i am making these last days of summer count, let me tell you! have a great rest of your week, everybody.

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