Monday, September 14, 2009

super secret sneak peek.

i am finally finishing up my summer thesis! i am closing in on the 95% mark, wrapping up the final details, etc. the exhibition will be in october here at mica, but here is a sneak peek in the meantime.
if you'd like to do some matching, the following books are included in the series: harriet the spy by louise fitzhugh, my father's dragon by ruth stiles gannett, the wednesday wars by gary schmidt, a wrinkle in time by madeleine l'engle, the higher power of lucky by susan patron, and the view from saturday by e.l. konisgburg. wahoo!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

dailies 8/24-8/30 + ANOTHER BONUS FUN TIME

so today was the first day of school! with that comes dramatically less life, so hopefully things around here won't thin out too much... i do have a slew of super-secret master's thesis things to debut, but i decided to just ultra-drag out the non-suspense i've been building for, you know, the whole summer and wait until they are all done to share with you. mostly because of the lazy factor.
one thing i am presently debating is whether or not to continue with the new(ish) non sequitur dailies, or to a) revisit the old mini hand-drawn diary thing (perhaps with a renewed sense of not-variants-on-the-same-few themes) or b) invest in a more fleshed out series of once-a-week things, like illustrating a song a week or something. thoughts? these present dailies feel sort of... question mark. anyway. this is me making the thinking face. any input you have on the matter would be greatly appreciated, mystery blog readers. do you prefer these ones? the old ones, if you have been around that long? something more substantial? TELL ME WHAT TO DO.

lastly, i am loosely obsessed with this ridiculous song "good day" by tally hall. you should go listen to it over at spin magazine's website. then you can download it from them and listen to it forever. like me.