Sunday, January 30, 2011

dailies 1/23-1/29.

bringing you the dailies from a grueling 1-day teaching week, thanks to professional development and 3 snow days, whee! i must say i am good and rested, thanks to snowmageddon's little brother that graced us with his presence this week.
 (sunday, january 23rd)
 (monday, january 24th)
 (tuesday, january 25th)
 (wednesday, january 26th)
 (thursday, january 27th)
 (friday, january 28th)
(saturday, january 29th)

thanks to the unexpected mini-vacation, i got to take care of a few things that had been back-burnered because of school, like some house-cleaning, a haircut, and some real, live, social-life-having! wow. have a great week, everybody!

Sunday, January 23, 2011

dailies 1/16-1/22.

here are the week's dailies--- let's get right to it! 

 (sunday, january 16th)
  (monday, january 17th)
  (tuesday, january 18th)
  (wednesday, january 19th)
  (thursday, january 20th)
  (friday, january 21st)
 (saturday, january 22nd)

wow, what an awesome thing three-day work weeks are (thanks, snow day).  also, i've been making inexplicable racecar sounds all week. just ask annie. lastly, i have recently  discovered a) the entirely unlikely but totally delicious sandwiches at noodles & company and b) the wholly gratuitous "off the map" midseason replacement on abc. have a great week, everybody!

Sunday, January 16, 2011

dailies 1/09-1/15.

i have been so busy enjoying my three-day weekend (happy birthday, mlk) that i almost forgot about dailies today! thanks to a lot of very positive feedback, i am feeling good about the new direction for the dailies this year. so let's take it away with week two!
 (sunday, january 9th)
  (monday, january 10th)
  (tuesday, january 11th)
   (wednesday, january 12th)
   (thursday, january 13th)
   (friday, january 14th)
  (saturday, january 15th)

if only every weekend were three days long, it actually feels like i have enough time to do all the things i need to do this week, which is a new feeling, let me tell you. yesterday i went to ikea to invest in another bookcase and then spent way too much time arranging and rearranging my books based on genre and aesthetic appeal (complementary spine color, height, etc.). obviously this is a very important task. but now our living room is enviable. have a great week, everybody! 

Sunday, January 9, 2011

OMG WOW NEW dailies 2011: 1/01-1/08.

so here it is: the slightly less time-consuming/first-year teacher-friendly version of the dailies for 2011. hopefully the visual-journal-esque part of the project that is so therapeutic and meditative (and possibly appealing to you, dear readers?) will still come through in this new form. it definitely fits in my schedule better than the 2010 dailies did, and perhaps as time goes on and i become a better slash more time-effective teacher (see sunday, january 2nd), i will be able to further develop the best sketch of the week into a more finished composition digitally (with color! and other things!). for now, here's what we have:

 (saturday, january 1st)

 (sunday, january 2nd)

  (monday, january 3rd)

  (tuesday, january 4th)

  (wednesday, january 5th)

   (thursday, january 6th)

  (friday, january 7th)

  (saturday, january 8th)

for the record, on wednesday,  i really did wear pants to work FOR THE FIRST TIME ALL YEAR and on saturday, we played "mustache television" where you stick a mustache (ours was made of duct tape so it was like a sweet shiny future 'stache) to the tv and wait for it to line up with somebody's face. believe me this is way more awesome than it seems. 

see? narrative! fun! right? please let me know what you think about the 2011 game plan, and have a great week,  everybody.

Saturday, January 1, 2011

SUPERPOST: dailies 12/19-12/31.

why, hello 2011, nice to meet you! here are the dailies that wrap up 2010, post-vacation, post-holidays.
 sunday, december 19th: "making our house a home."
 monday, december 20th: "the countdown begins."
 tuesday, december 21st: "maybe i can still make new friends?"
 wednesday, december 22nd: "even more things are changing."
 thursday, december 23rd: "so not the ones i would expect."
 friday, december 24th: "i think i like wrapping presents more than opening them."
 saturday, december 25th: "a very merry christmas."
sunday, december 26th: "just like cinderella must've felt."

  monday, december 27th: "family, just a little out of order."
 tuesday, december 28th: "sent 103 lbs of books across the country to my old new home."
 wednesday, december 29th: "impulsive late night grocery shopping thanks to unshakable jet lag."
 thursday, december 30th: "STOP. BUYING THINGS."
friday, december 31st: "you were a good friend, 2010, thanks for stopping by!"

the dailies 2011 are TBD, that is to say, will they be the same, or different, happening, or not? teaching year one is proving to be a very exhausting experience, so i am reticent to sign on to something only to disappoint. a lot of thinking to be done on this first day of 2011. have a great year, everybody! i'll be back in one form or another soon.