Sunday, January 30, 2011

dailies 1/23-1/29.

bringing you the dailies from a grueling 1-day teaching week, thanks to professional development and 3 snow days, whee! i must say i am good and rested, thanks to snowmageddon's little brother that graced us with his presence this week.
 (sunday, january 23rd)
 (monday, january 24th)
 (tuesday, january 25th)
 (wednesday, january 26th)
 (thursday, january 27th)
 (friday, january 28th)
(saturday, january 29th)

thanks to the unexpected mini-vacation, i got to take care of a few things that had been back-burnered because of school, like some house-cleaning, a haircut, and some real, live, social-life-having! wow. have a great week, everybody!

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Janna Morton said...

I especially like "Slow Motion." What a great idea!