Saturday, January 1, 2011

SUPERPOST: dailies 12/19-12/31.

why, hello 2011, nice to meet you! here are the dailies that wrap up 2010, post-vacation, post-holidays.
 sunday, december 19th: "making our house a home."
 monday, december 20th: "the countdown begins."
 tuesday, december 21st: "maybe i can still make new friends?"
 wednesday, december 22nd: "even more things are changing."
 thursday, december 23rd: "so not the ones i would expect."
 friday, december 24th: "i think i like wrapping presents more than opening them."
 saturday, december 25th: "a very merry christmas."
sunday, december 26th: "just like cinderella must've felt."

  monday, december 27th: "family, just a little out of order."
 tuesday, december 28th: "sent 103 lbs of books across the country to my old new home."
 wednesday, december 29th: "impulsive late night grocery shopping thanks to unshakable jet lag."
 thursday, december 30th: "STOP. BUYING THINGS."
friday, december 31st: "you were a good friend, 2010, thanks for stopping by!"

the dailies 2011 are TBD, that is to say, will they be the same, or different, happening, or not? teaching year one is proving to be a very exhausting experience, so i am reticent to sign on to something only to disappoint. a lot of thinking to be done on this first day of 2011. have a great year, everybody! i'll be back in one form or another soon.

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traci said...

Selfishly, I sure hope you can find the energy to continue the dailies...I love them.