Sunday, January 9, 2011

OMG WOW NEW dailies 2011: 1/01-1/08.

so here it is: the slightly less time-consuming/first-year teacher-friendly version of the dailies for 2011. hopefully the visual-journal-esque part of the project that is so therapeutic and meditative (and possibly appealing to you, dear readers?) will still come through in this new form. it definitely fits in my schedule better than the 2010 dailies did, and perhaps as time goes on and i become a better slash more time-effective teacher (see sunday, january 2nd), i will be able to further develop the best sketch of the week into a more finished composition digitally (with color! and other things!). for now, here's what we have:

 (saturday, january 1st)

 (sunday, january 2nd)

  (monday, january 3rd)

  (tuesday, january 4th)

  (wednesday, january 5th)

   (thursday, january 6th)

  (friday, january 7th)

  (saturday, january 8th)

for the record, on wednesday,  i really did wear pants to work FOR THE FIRST TIME ALL YEAR and on saturday, we played "mustache television" where you stick a mustache (ours was made of duct tape so it was like a sweet shiny future 'stache) to the tv and wait for it to line up with somebody's face. believe me this is way more awesome than it seems. 

see? narrative! fun! right? please let me know what you think about the 2011 game plan, and have a great week,  everybody.

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Bryan Connor said...

I am in full support of your lovely lettering in dailies. Can't wait to see more!