Tuesday, October 20, 2009

it's getting closer!

installation is in just two weeks! here are the postcards for the show, both mine and the group postcard announcement. we did a "dress up like we're in grade school and take a class picture" photoshoot for that one. classy. awesome. you can see a couple of the (silly) frames from the shoot below. because if there's one thing you should know by now, it's that we take ourselves very, very seriously.
the show will be up on friday, october 30th, and the opening is that night. also, this is a grad event, so the catering? twice as delicious and/or fancy. last year? there were cupcakes WAHOO.

in the meantime i need to finish the final touches on my work and put it all together for the show. snoop around the fox building or just ask nicely if you'd like a postcard.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

i haven't abandoned you, internet!

hi, friends. i swear i haven't disappeared from the blogosphere, but some of my efforts have been redirected toward my other companion blog, "heart-sleeve teaching." i'm exploring the implications of visual/material/media/pop culture on art-making and education at large. so. if you miss me, i'm over there. so are some other cool things! so if you like pop culture, go take a look.

but! i'll be back here soon. i'm just getting things together and orderly for proper sharing. i ordered my postcards, and my thesis (round two!) show goes up in just a couple weeks! here is an actual illustration thing to leave you with, so that i'm not a total tease and/or jerkface:

tiny painting made as a part of a new fun thing called the nomadic playlist, a traveling sketchbook and flash drive where each track is illustrated in the book and added to the flash. first up: the coral's dreaming of you. fun, right? i'll keep you posted as it develops.

Friday, October 2, 2009

more slightly-less-sneaky previews.

so, it has been a little while, tiny collection of faithful blog readers. i'm sorry to be posting so sporadically - as it turns out, grad school is hard! go figure. right now, i am teaching fourth graders art and math together, an unlikely but pretty okay combination, as well as middle-schoolers in a book arts/reflective art-making class, and a portfolio prep after-school program for students who want to apply to attend the baltimore school of the arts. WHOA.

i am, however, glad to introduce the book sleuth, the host character for my series of articles reviewing various the children's/young adult books that i posted super-small slivers of a few weeks ago. each one matches up to the six books from last week (clockwise from top left): harriet the spy, the view from saturday, my father's dragon, the higher power of lucky, a wrinkle in time, and the wednesday wars. his behavior is dictated by some chunk of each story, as though he is taking on the persona of one of the main characters as he reads. then, he (meaning i) share all about the book to get other real-life kids excited about reading! hopefully. more soon! i'm prepping postcards for the show as we speak. and by speak i mean i type and some indeterminate time later, you maybe read.