Sunday, October 11, 2009

i haven't abandoned you, internet!

hi, friends. i swear i haven't disappeared from the blogosphere, but some of my efforts have been redirected toward my other companion blog, "heart-sleeve teaching." i'm exploring the implications of visual/material/media/pop culture on art-making and education at large. so. if you miss me, i'm over there. so are some other cool things! so if you like pop culture, go take a look.

but! i'll be back here soon. i'm just getting things together and orderly for proper sharing. i ordered my postcards, and my thesis (round two!) show goes up in just a couple weeks! here is an actual illustration thing to leave you with, so that i'm not a total tease and/or jerkface:

tiny painting made as a part of a new fun thing called the nomadic playlist, a traveling sketchbook and flash drive where each track is illustrated in the book and added to the flash. first up: the coral's dreaming of you. fun, right? i'll keep you posted as it develops.