Wednesday, July 28, 2010

dailies 7/18-7/24 FINALLY

sorry for the delay! when i said "precollege is done hip hip hooray!" i meant the actual students-moving-out part. i forgot about the wrapping-up-everything-ever part. today was the cerebral wrap-up, tomorrow is the physical wrap-up, and then (FINGERS CROSSED) i am free to move on to one more week of summer camp at the walters art museum and then onto MY REAL JOB! whoa. i have a mailbox and everything. it's serious.
 sunday, july 18th: "the worst movie that we couldn't stop watching."
monday, july 19th: "SO CLOSE."
tuesday, july 20th: "i'll eat reasonably next month."
wednesday, july 21st: "i love getting things in the mail so much."
thursday, july 22nd: "gigglefest in the office for no reason."
friday, july 23rd: "not so evenly distributed."
saturday, july 24th: "guess what? it's move out day."

rocking the extremely vague circle metaphor this week. oops. TOO BUSY TO DRAW PROPER THINGS! maybe next week. have a good rest of yours, everyone!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

dailies 7/11-7/17.

the last week of the precollege program is here! students move out on saturday! i'm still alive! it's a good day, today.
sunday, july 11th: "the oil-water metaphor is a pretty accurate one.
monday, july 12th: "reinventing the changing of the guard."
tuesday, july 13th: "bracing for another fall."
wednesday, july 14th: "constantly running my mouth and being impatient: not a stellar combination."
thursday, july 15th: "we are cut from the same cloth."
friday, july 16th: "on automatic pilot."
saturday, july 17th: "i didn't buy a dress, but it was still a good day."

next week the dailies can return to their regularly scheduled sunday night time slot! have a great week, everybody.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

dailies 7/4-7/10.

doing my best to keep on top of the posting with my limited access to a scanner and my real life. precollege is like a funny temporary fantasyland, and it's awesome and exhausting and moves a mile a minute. here are the dailies from fantasyland:

sunday, july 4th: "the awesomeness of the mega-impressive super-catch was augmented by my totally girly getup."
monday, july 5th: "escape!"
tuesday, july 6th: "so the mailman caught me dancing unabashedly to the worst music imaginable."
wednesday, july 7th: "not a bed."
thursday, july 8th: "perhaps redeeming myself as not a terrible human."
friday, july 9th: "why's the world so full of dicks?"
saturday, july 10th: "off to the worst start."

hooray! five-four-three-two-one go! have a great week everybody!

Monday, July 5, 2010

dailies 6/27-7/3.

the dailies are back, rocking their new (but temporary) monday night time slot:

sunday, june 27th: "i cannot control myself in the presence of 'she wolf.'"
monday, june 28th: "WHOA SHORT FUSE."
tuesday, june 29th: "dark day."
wednesday, june 30th: "i felt like i was the only one on her side."
thursday, july 1st: "friend crushes abound."
friday, july 2nd: "high school kids are totally weird and awesome."
saturday, july 3rd: "never anywhere without my coffee."

so precollege is in full swing, but even more exciting is the O YEAH I GOT A JOB portion of the evening. i'll be starting in the fall at sudbrook magnet middle school, and i am going tomorrow to explore, rearrange, and inventory my classroom. SO COOL. have a great week, everyone!