Tuesday, July 13, 2010

dailies 7/4-7/10.

doing my best to keep on top of the posting with my limited access to a scanner and my real life. precollege is like a funny temporary fantasyland, and it's awesome and exhausting and moves a mile a minute. here are the dailies from fantasyland:

sunday, july 4th: "the awesomeness of the mega-impressive super-catch was augmented by my totally girly getup."
monday, july 5th: "escape!"
tuesday, july 6th: "so the mailman caught me dancing unabashedly to the worst music imaginable."
wednesday, july 7th: "not a bed."
thursday, july 8th: "perhaps redeeming myself as not a terrible human."
friday, july 9th: "why's the world so full of dicks?"
saturday, july 10th: "off to the worst start."

hooray! five-four-three-two-one go! have a great week everybody!


traci said...

Your dailies are so universal. I love them dearly, and they sometimes can totally make my day.

Dai said...

That was a mega-impressive and beautifully dressed catch.