Monday, July 5, 2010

dailies 6/27-7/3.

the dailies are back, rocking their new (but temporary) monday night time slot:

sunday, june 27th: "i cannot control myself in the presence of 'she wolf.'"
monday, june 28th: "WHOA SHORT FUSE."
tuesday, june 29th: "dark day."
wednesday, june 30th: "i felt like i was the only one on her side."
thursday, july 1st: "friend crushes abound."
friday, july 2nd: "high school kids are totally weird and awesome."
saturday, july 3rd: "never anywhere without my coffee."

so precollege is in full swing, but even more exciting is the O YEAH I GOT A JOB portion of the evening. i'll be starting in the fall at sudbrook magnet middle school, and i am going tomorrow to explore, rearrange, and inventory my classroom. SO COOL. have a great week, everyone!

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