Tuesday, June 29, 2010

dailies OOPS A LITTLE LATE 6/20-6/27.

so part of my work for the pre-college program (which has officially started, WAHOO) requires me to stay in the commons with the students for the duration of their time at mica. that is super, of course (coughsarcasmcough), but it does mean that i don't have immediate access to a scanner for the dailies-uploading. so here they are just a little bit late:
sunday, june 20th: "forging ties."
monday, june 21st: "the worst puzzle in the world."
tuesday, june 22nd: "oops i'm a raging bitch."
wednesday, june 23rd: "HEY COOL I'M EMPLOYED"
thursday, june 24th: "wow, my own personal cheerleader."
friday, june 25th: "just getting started and ready to be done."
saturday, june 26th: "dressed purposefully to impress, accidentally to match."

my nights off from the program are mon/tues, so for the next few weeks, dailies updates are gonna have to wait until i can get back to my scanner--- so hold your horses or hang tight or calm the (OMG EXPLETIVE DELETED) down or whatever until then, they'll be here i swear! have a great (rest of your) week, everybody.

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