Sunday, June 20, 2010

dailies 6/13-6/19.

time for the dailies! in a hurry, but here they are!

sunday, june 13th: "i'm ready to be a real human."
monday, june 14th: "no time to eatdrinkbreathe."
tuesday, june 15th: "willing the phone to ring."
wednesday, june 16th: "a serious ice cream sandwich sort of day."
 thursday, june 17th: "hanging on by the tiniest of threads."
friday, june 18th: "i am gonna be one dead messenger."
saturday, june 19th: "falling asleep. and apart."
tomorrow marks the start of a one-month intensive studio residency program for high school kids that i coordinate OMG OMG. wish me sanity and strength--- it's gonna be awesome!

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