Sunday, June 13, 2010

dailies 6/6-6/12.

dailies, quick and dirty today before i run off to do one million things!

sunday, june 6th: "the novelty of two holes for your legs instead of just one."
monday, june 7th: "sorting receipts and replaying history."
tuesday, june 8th: "aimless, perfect two-hour walk."
wednesday, june 9th: "everything today felt like the intensity was turned up a few too many notches."
thursday, june 10th: "hopes! stay where you are."
friday, june 11th: "pressure builds and tensions rise."
saturday, june 12th: "i didn't even have a good excuse."

that's it for now i gotta go go go go go go go! things are happening... i'll keep you posted, world! have a great week, everybody!

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