Sunday, December 28, 2008

dailies 12/21-12/27.

this is the last full week of dailies for 2008, and maybe forever? like i mentioned, i am planning a change of pace for next year. i only have like 3 days to figure out what that change is going to be, but it should still be a weekly upload sort of thing, so in any case you can see the first few next week!

sunday, december 21st: "i'm too anxious to focus on anything, let alone my daily."
monday, december 22nd: "i was mostly sitting all damn day but i'm still exhausted."
tuesday, december 23rd: "getting acquainted with my new home."
wednesday, december 24th: "my subconscious is mean."
thursday, december 25th: "WOW IT'S CHRISTMAS."
friday, december 26th: "not so skinny jeans but i like them anyway."
saturday, december 27th: "i am so not feeling the proverbial it right now."

i've nearly finished laying out the year of dailies for my upcoming show, so from here i have some major web updates to my site to make, as well as to my spring thesis. maybe there'll be things to show along the way. happy almost new year, everybody.

i am not an elephant.

in all the holiday splendor, i forgot that i never wrapped up my fall thesis. here is the last track, the delightful "in an aeroplane over the sea" by neutral milk hotel. i think this one is my favorite palette. also, the wraparound cover follows, with lots of tiny mixtapes for everyone.

the final book is finished and constructed and all that, but is in baltimore, and i am not. i will properly document it with my shiny new christmas camera as soon as i get home to the city to share with you.

as far as the spring goes, things are still a little up in the air. and by "a little," i really mean I HAVE NO IDEA WHAT I'M DOING NEXT. stay tuned for updates. i hope.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

better late than pregnant*: dailies 12/14-12/20.

*full disclosure: annie told me that she desperately wanted a way to casually work this into a conversation, and i cannibalized it for this post. sorry lady.

in case it snuck up on you like it did me, IT'S ALMOST CHRISTMAS WOW. and, apparently amidst the accidental shopping-on-the-last-weekend-before-the-holiday and the packing-to-go-to-a-home-i'd-never-actually-seen, the dailies update got lost in the shuffle. don't get the wrong idea, i still care about you! i don't want to disappoint - here they are for real right now let's go:

sunday, december 14th: "my brain is running amuck with an unusual number of fantasy sequences, zach braff style hopefully minus the dopey facial expression."
monday, december 15th: "the ends of things hit me more sharply than i would have guessed."
tuesday, december 16th: "it's impossibly disgusting outside."
wednesday, december 17th: "WHY AREN'T I ASLEEP RIGHT NOW."
thursday, december 18th: "i, ahem, hate my work."
friday, december 19th: "assigning unrealistic hopes where they don't belong."
saturday, december 20th: "and now for something completely different!"

in other news, i love my dailies, but i'm sort of sick of drawing myself every damn day, so i'm thinking about changing my approach for 2009. i have a lot of ideas, maybe something character-based like the hodgman-inspired "700 hoboes" or "700 molemen" projects (slightly related: i was reading his latest book "more information than you require" on my trip home yesterday and laughing out loud way too often not to be annoying, so read it! so we can spread awkward public laughter like the plague). anyway, ideas for things you would like me to draw 365 times - i would really appreciate any suggestions.

have a lovely, lovely holiday, everyone!

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

turns out that kids speak in all caps.

this is it: my final pre-final comic (i.e., the one i did right before the ones i posted earlier, which was my actual final for the class). it was supposed to be a kids comic (right up my adorable alley, mentioned here), so my solution was a classic closet monster scenario. presented both in glorious full-color and classy black and white, for class and for my art-market mini-comic, respectively. i think i prefer the black and white, honestly. still getting the hang of the whole digital color situation. SPRING GOAL!

they are presented as two-page spreads, so arguably, the tentacle-friend propping the comic up for your reading pleasure could jump the gutter in the center between the pages and connect them like a fun maze - hooray.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

crypto-fun for everyone.

what says "finals hooray!" more than cryptozoology? nothing. here is my sequential final, a series of mildly educational comics for kids to learn about geography slash cryptozoology while befriending nice monsters like the yeti or nessie. digital! limited color! complementary palettes! ish! i'm still working out the digital kinks as i'm getting more and more comfortable working this way. they are designed to be a serial comic in the back of some kids magazine that would run geography comics. like national geographic kids, i guess.
in other news, i forgot to ever post my last comic before this one so that it on it's way... later. it's in color too! also, i dropped my computer today (can you say OH BALLS? because i sure can. and did. especially if "balls" is spelled with many more expletives.) so my keyboard's been a little wonky, typing unecessarily frequent and unwanted e's. THIS IS MY DISCLAIMER IN THE EVENT THAT THIS POST IS RIDDLED WITH E-RELATED TYPOS.

Monday, December 15, 2008

it is the last week of classes, hooray! not too surprisingly, last week caught the brunt of the workload for finals, so these dailies are not especially cheery. or coherent. bear with me and count down the last few days until i am a lady of leisure.

sunday, december 7th: "i woke up before the sun did."
monday, december 8th: "two steps forward, infinity backward."
tuesday, december 9th: "i like delivering presents."
wednesday, december 10th: "i super-extra-ultra-mega-mondo fail."
thursday, december 11th: "i've got boys on the brain."
friday, december 12th: "i stopped making any sense days ago."
saturday, december 13th: "yogurt is the closest thing to a solid i consumed all day."

Friday, December 12, 2008


continuing on the "upload everything ever super-fast and super-after-the-fact" trend, here are two more pages for my thesis, the weepies' "take it from me" and andrew bird's "tables & chairs." i have a lot of work still to do, but i'm feeling pretty okay about the whole thing. we'll see how the final-final-finished-product turns out. there's only one more page! which is done, but i am going to leave you in suspense.


Wednesday, December 10, 2008

more things more things more things.

i've been doing things i swear! i'm actually much farther along than my blog indicates, i've finished all twelve tracks and fleshed them out as spreads with track and artist information on the left hand side. all i have to do is print them out, paint the cover, and construct the actual book, at what i imagine to be about 7", like vinyl ep size. which, i realize makes little to no sense since it's supposed to be a mixtape (emphasis on the tape) but the book is square to act like an insert booklet so whatever.

anyway, these are tracks eight and nine, the new pornographers playing "the bleeding heart show" and owen playing "a bird in hand." hooray! below that also is the hand-lettering for the track list, although it won't ever appear in the book this way, it will only appear opposite each page on a single-color background, so that your eye can rest at least a little somewhere in this book.

keep an eye out for the rest as i race toward the finish line, aka, christmas.


sweet jesus art market is finally here. this is the pile of (completely adorable and not at all terrible) crap that i drew, silkscreened, printed, copied, bound, stamped, sleeved, sealed, labeled, tagged, and trimmed. please take a look if you're in the area, 10am-6pm today through saturday. there's a lot of swell-looking work there, so go see! and then spend money. on things that i made, if you want. everything is nice and shiny! the end.

Sunday, December 7, 2008

dailies 11/30-12/6.

I HAVE SO MUCH WORK TO DO IT IS ZERO PERCENT FUNNY. here are my dailies really-super-mega-ultra-mondo-fast:

sunday, november 30th: "haircuts are never as dramatic to anyone else as they seem like they should be."
monday, december (omg shift one) 1st: "seething in silence."
tuesday, december 2nd: "too much sitting in one position and not enough realizing that other people could see me try to stretch back out."
wednesday, december 3rd: "i think writing them all down is actually more depressing, instead of less."
thursday, december 4th: "i need to learn when to give up."
friday, december 5th: "kindred spirits crossing paths briefly before parting ways."
saturday, december 6th: "these are the culprits behind me way not finishing my work."


Sunday, November 30, 2008

dailies 11/23-11/29.

so, because of thanksgiving break, this week of dailies makes me look exceptionally lazy, what with all the eating and lying around and all. but i did other things, like... online shop? and sleep some more. i got a fair amount of work done, especially in preparation for the upcoming mica art market (which it turns out, is showcasing one of my pieces on the front page? neat), where i will be selling silkscreened postcards and prints, a mini-comic (a tiny anthology of most of the comics i've been posting on here plus a little bit of extra-adorableness), and maybe buttons? or maybe not. we'll see, since that was not a part of the work that actually happened.

sunday, november 23rd: "i felt like i was moving in slow motion."
monday, november 24th: "that sandwich was unreasonably delicious."
tuesday, november 25th: "IMPULSE EVERYTHING TODAY."
wednesday, november 26th: "i finally saw fight club tonight, thank god for being anti-social."
thursday, november 27th: "i didn't think i cared much for cats."
friday, november 28th: "my feeble attempts at domesticity only manage to make me feel extra-uncomfortable."
saturday, november 29th: "i indiscriminately extra-love cranberry sauce."

anyway, if you're a baltimore-ish person, you should come out to the art market next next week, the 10th-13th. there'll be like 200 of us selling things, so it will be mighty. or, if you can't wait until then, on the 7th (aka a week from today), squidfire will be having it's annual art mart at the lyric opera house and i will be working like the dutiful intern that i am. hooray!

finally, i (gulp) finished my thesis today. well, lie. but i finished all twelve of the tracks, and am well on my way with the cover a few other odds and ends. so! more of those asap.


Thursday, November 27, 2008

hmmm, unbearably adorable? check.

hi hi, sorry it took me a while to get this not-most-recent comic posted. i was waffling on the limited color -- thoughts? originally it was just black and white.

this one had some oddly specific (read: annoying) restrictions on it, in that the narrative had to directly involve a specific object that we owned AND it had to appear in every panel AND at least one panel on each page had to showcase just the object with no other character. ummm, what? thankfully i think this turned out pretty okay, despite the hoop-jumping.

fun fact: the umbrella showcased above is the one i snatched for free from my improv everywhere escapades in nyc in october. i fibbed on the handle though, because cane handles are cooler than... non-cane handles. less fun fact: none of these things happened with this umbrella. that i know of.

also, happy thanksgiving! i love cranberry sauce.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

dailies 11/17-11/22.

this is a super-speedy, "i'm-not-finished-with-my-work-but-photoshop-is-crying-really-slow-tears-of-please-don't-make-me-polygonal-lasso-one-more-thing-so-it-needs-to-take-a-break-before-it-crashes-and-ruins-everything-ever" in-between post. go!

monday, november 18th: "i didn't know your stomach could drop through your feet when you were sitting down."
tuesday, november 19th: "i think i'm out of fight."
wednesday, november 20th: "i thought it was yesterday long enough to wish two people happy birthday and skip spring registration."
thursday, november 21st: "apparently i'm not allowed to care."
friday, november 22nd: "i was compulsively washing dishes to drown out the sudden, uncontrollable and unexpected sobbing."
saturday, november 23rd: "i went grocery shopping a week ago but apparently that didn't slow me down."


Sunday, November 16, 2008

dailies 11/9-11/16.

a very sad and/or crazy week, i apologize in advance for the most grumbly nature of this week's dailies. some other things that are cool that i did not yet share: my newest comic is about an umbrella and i swear it's more interesting than it sounds, but it has some necessary finishing touches before i can float it out into the universe. so first things first:

sunday, november 9th: "i missed every single phone call i received today."
monday, november 10th: "i think we're all in this together."
tuesday, november 11th: "the day took a major nosedive post-delicious cup of coffee."
wednesday, november 12th: "venturing into question mark territory."
thursday, november 13th: "i may or may not be unreasonably paranoid, but either way, something's fishy."
friday, november 14th: "i've been compulsively listening to the same radiohead album for almost two weeks."
saturday, november 15th: "even the wonderful kind of large group outings make me anxious."

in other news, my sequential professor was threatening a pre-final final assignment that would force each of us to draw a comic that would confront our weakness, like a student who uses excessive expository dialogue to draw a silent comic, or in my case, to draw something not adorable. but then he decided to throw that out the window and instead, we're doing a youth-oriented comic, to which i say, in your face, non-adorable things. yeah!

Thursday, November 13, 2008


so as to be not so much a slacker, here's the next track, to the tune of stars' "look up." i should be finishing up the actual playlist-imagery by thanksgiving, and then onto the cover and printing and binding and such wonder.

however, the real purpose of this post is that though i am not a youtube-savvy human, i was alerted of this lovely knit animation via yuko shimizu at lost at e minor, and i kind of love it, her, and them. so watch it! the end.

Sunday, November 9, 2008

dailies 11/2-11/8.

an up and down, back and forth sort of week. here are some things:

sunday, november 2nd: "i hope that smelling phantom strawberry milk doesn't mean i have an olfactory brain tumor."
monday, november 3rd: "we're not competing but it still feels like i'm losing."
tuesday, november 4th: "way to go america--this is maybe the first time i'm proud to be a part of you."
wednesday, november 5th: "this daily was dancing between me and my dreams of a reasonable bedtime."
thursday, november 6th: "we were the only students who bothered to sing for her birthday."
friday, november 7th: "all my efforts to do her justice were wasted and we were just left trying to clean up the mess."
saturday, november 8th: "we were most definitely making a spectacle."

the end! i have nothing more to say.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

big fat halfway point.

here are tracks 5 and 6 from my thesis, marking the start of the downhill slide to the finish line, hopefully the good kind of downhill, like "the worst is behind us", not the bad, "it won't get any better than it is now" kind. i'm rounding out the 9th track right now, so you're getting this story time-release style, for savoring? or something.

anyway, the 5th track (below) is pj harvey's "you said something" and the 6th (below below) is "gold in the air of summer" by kings of convenience. tada!

Sunday, November 2, 2008

dailies 10/26-11/1.

closing out another month. two more to go! and then i don't know what-- maybe i just keep going until the end of time? i think yes.

sunday, october 26th: "we were walking to the same place at the same time in different worlds."
monday, october 27th: "i can't manage to do anything even remotely sneaky without it coming back to bite me in the ass."
tuesday, october 28th: "every door i passed open as i approached due to a) wind or b) poltergeists."
wednesday, october 29th: "i'm usually an epic failure at looking for things, but they didn't even try."
thursday, october 30th: "um, i can't do this by myself."
friday, october 31st: "you wouldn't even have known it was halloween from the night i had."
saturday, november 1st: "i can't believe i doubted the gravity of the situation and thought they were pulling a prank."

there are other things, but i will save them until later. the end.

Friday, October 31, 2008

i am so predictable.

my latest sequential piece is a record-breaking THREE PAGES LONG, and by record-breaking, i basically mean "the longest comic i've made thus far." anyway, it's (no surprise) a romance-ish, bouncing back and forth through time as a sad old man reminisces about the one that got away.
like i said, zero percent surprising. in other news, it's halloween!! so go eat lots of candy and watch scary movies.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

thesis part deux.

here are a couple more pieces from my thesis, tracks three and four. in the real world, i'm a shocking two-thirds of the way done, but here in fake-blog-land, i'm a little behind with the updating. the first image accompanies "postcards from italy" by beirut.
track four (below) is "if she wants me" by belle & sebastian. also in the works is a companion page with the track info to be placed opposite each illustration. so the final book will be 24 pages (or twelve spreads). less chat, more other things! there's a bunch of work to come, i swear. i feel like the boy who cried wolf, but i'm the girl who cried "new work coming soon." sigh.

Monday, October 27, 2008

dailies 10/19-10/25.

a bit of a weird week because of fall break (aka, four-day weekend) coming in and lulling me into a false sense of freedom only to be snatched away just as the revelry set in. but! here they are anyway:
sunday, october 19th: "longest, loudest, coldest bus ride. ever."
monday, october 20th: "dancing in real life to a song only in my head."
tuesday, october 21st: "feeling extra-wide today."
wednesday, october 22nd: "okay, so fine, i'm dwelling. what of it?"
thursday, october 23rd: "my first taste of the real world was pretty good."
friday, october 24th: "we sedimented ourselves under increasingly compounded layers of sad."
saturday, october 25th: "apparently, it's not worth the fight for me or anyone else."

i did some swell things in the city, like eat more rice pudding (a requirement, not a privilege-- this time it was cannoli flavored) and lurk around the strand, finding early release hodgman love and secretly awesome daumier lithograph books on high high ladder-requiring shelves.

also, last week i added a fictional sunday to the calendar, suggesting for no apparent reason that particular week was deserving of eight days instead of seven. the 19th, in fact, belongs in this week. traitor, slash, my bad.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

platonic, entirely appropriate, and not at all scandalous.

so a bit overdue, here is my two! two! two!-page comic, "hide and seek" (the first of its kind!). it's slightly less suspensful when you can see both pages at once, but since i still can't do anything but adorable anyway, it's not that suspenseful to start with. be prepared for a full-on "awww" at least once, maybe more, depending on how susceptible to cute you are.
it's hanging in the illustration department's show here at mica right now, alongside one hundred thousand other cool kids taking classes with b.ralph (linked constantly, so i'll shut up about him already. his site's over on the left if you've been out of the loop since forever). if you're a baltimorean (baltimoreon? baltimoron?) then you can check it out for real, slightly more tangible and bigger! also on display is my hug-a-city friend, downstairs in the juried undergrad exhibition. she was my final from brian's class last year, so it's basically just a brian lovefest. minus the awkward implications that statement probably has.

dailies 10/12-10/19.

this week's dailies were delayed a day by my adventuresome mini-vacation to nyc. the visit was not nearly as eventful (read: good) as the actual travel there and back (read: bad), and as such, i didn't get home to baltimore until 1:30 yesterday morning, and at that point, prompt weekly dailies update was not so much a priority, i'm not gonna lie. but! better late than never, here they are:

sunday, october 12th: "like how i imagine king midas must've felt, if, you know, he spilled everything he touched all over instead of turning it to gold."
monday, october 13th: "i'm a little bit sick. "
tuesday, october 14th: "getting a little territorial about things that aren't actually mine."
wednesday, october 15th: "i scheduled my day around 6 hours of television."
thursday, october 16th: "there's nothing like hearing the things you try to ignore and push to the back of your brain come out of someone else's mouth."
friday, october 17th: "one roommate was rightfully celebratory and the other rightfully crestfallen.
saturday, october 18th: "this didn't actually happen, but was dangerously imminent."

back to reality and such for the rest of the week, plenty to do, yada yada. fall break is a big fat tease. also, presently stuck in my head is ne-yo's "miss independent", partially because it plays everywhere you go, and partially because i maybe like it. so there.

Monday, October 13, 2008

dailies 10/5-10/11.

a little late with the dailies this week, i am a little sniffly slash under the weather at the moment, and last night i was just not having it, where 'it' entails anything and everything ever. of non-sequitur note, i baked an apple pie last night at midnight.

sunday, october 5th: "i had an full day before noon today."
monday, october 6th: "a well-intentioned but terribly-executed effort to make sure he's okay.
tuesday, october 7th: "my mediocre research skills indicate that i do not have a future as a historian slash detective."
wednesday, october 8th: "i had distinct impression that someone was watching me today in the studio, but i didn't check. SO NOW I'LL NEVER KNOW."
thursday, october 9th: "misheard, misinterpreted, mis-everything."
friday, october 10th: "i didn't think sentences were allowed to start with "alissandra" and end with "got hit on in a bar like whoa."
saturday, october 11th: "world: 45 hundred million, alissandra: nothing."

i have a long weekend coming up, which should be secret code for "updates times one thousand!" but really is code for "nyc vacation." we'll see if it can't be a little of both.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

oh, symbiosis.

here is last week's comic about adorably mismatched roommates. i have a bad habit of leaving the titles off my comics, but that will be remedied with the upcoming one, with 100% more, aka two, pages. for now, enjoy this little friend.

Monday, October 6, 2008

dailies 9/28-10/4.

okay, so super-speedy because i wanna shower and sleep like whoa. ratatat was tonight and it was epic. SO GOOD LIVE. it was round three of my new "ras are people too" strategy that was implemented this weekend, a most excellent of weekends. anyway, i'm out to be clean.

sunday, september 28th: "i can't take credit for the image here, but man was today a broken record sort of day."
monday, september 29th: "HOLY SHIT HEADACHE"
tuesday, september 30th: "high-five, sweet squidfire internship."
wednesday, october 1st: "today was the first day i ran into my roommate not in our house."
thursday, october 2nd: "this is all i need."
friday, october 3rd: "an experiment in 'to hell with it'-ing: i blew off my micro-managed self-imposed schedule."
saturday, october 4th: "powering through toward an unseen end."

Saturday, October 4, 2008

castaway, sort of.

my second comic for brian's class, slash ever, based in the idea of the castaway (single character) escaping the island (any sort of entrapment/place). also, silent! since text and word bubbles introduce a whole other mess of complications. it reads without too much explanation, i hope? isn't that the point of a comic?
just a quick one today since i'm off to spx to spend money and drool over semi-famous people. i went to the spx-plosion last night (a pre-spx comics party-hipster-nerdfest of awesomeness) to see brian and others read their comics aloud and check out atomic books' new digs, where the event was held. weirdly enough, they partner with one of my favorite blogs, largehearted boy, to promote his "52 books, 52 weeks" resolution, and they're in baltimore, and they're awesome. anyway, see you tomorrow for dailies (now under slightly higher pressure since they're going on a wall next semester).

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

in which alissandra finally makes good on her eons of empty promises.

try not to have some sort of aneurysm or anything, but look! wow! cool! actual updates of substance. here are the first two pages of my thesis, which is, in short, an illustrated mixtape. each of the twelve tracks has an accompanying full-page illustration, with lyrics illuminated from each song to tell a simple love story through the course of the tape. here is the track list:

1. cath... - death cab for cutie (below)
2. pictures of success - rilo kiley (below below)
3. if she wants me - belle & sebastian
4. postcards from italy - beirut
5. you said something - pj harvey
6. gold in the air of summer - kings of convenience
7. look up - stars
8. the bleeding heart show - the new pornographers
9. a bird in hand - owen
10. take it from me- the weepies
11. tables & chairs - andrew bird
12. in an aeroplane over the sea - neutral milk hotel

as was mentioned and linked before, i had originally uploaded the entire playlist as a handy muxtape, an amazing (and therefore highly dangerous and destined to fail) mixtape service that the riaa killed a few months ago. check out the link to read about their story, and if you really want to hear the tracks, check out the hype machine or skreemr, two fairly reliable web aggregators that should give you a taste for what the accompanying music sounds like. or, you know, youtube that business. ideally the illustrations would be formatted as a lyrics booklet to accompany the mix, so in theory, the reader would have the track and the images together.

anyway, feedback would be greatly appreciated, especially in terms of readability as the book progresses. i just finished up the 5th track today, so there should be more work in the pipeline. and, two more sequential pieces on the way as well. this weekend is spx, the small press expo (and indie comics nerd holy grail) in the middle of nowhere, maryland with the likes of jillian tamaki, james kochalka, and jeff lemire, among others.

in other news, two bits of non-thesis-related splendor: i started my internship with squidfire yesterday and oh man, it is great. they are a little local t-shirt company that designs, prints, and sells their own shirts, bags, etc., and they just opened a retail store in hampden. i'm helping them out with the launch of the store, festival and craft show prep, and internet orders/inventory! yay. and lastly, i recently found out that i will be having a solo exhibition this coming february here at mica in one of the student space galleries, showing a full year of my dailies all together en masse. cool! okay. the end. sorry for the all trigger-happy hotlinking on this bad boy.

Sunday, September 28, 2008

dailies 9/21-9/28.

more dailies, just like always. there are some big things on the horizon, including the debut of my thesis (finally finally), on which i am rounding the 1/3 point, which is pretty cool slash terrifying to think about. look for the first couple pages a little later this week!

sunday, september 21st: "fighting bad habits."
monday, september 22nd: "i've ruined myself for sleep."
tuesday, september 23rd: "a completely free, no-schedule-no-meetings day"
wednesday, september 24th: "i was at the built to spill concert, but my mind was somewhere else."
thursday, september 25th: "everyone ever to my rescue."
friday, september 26th: "not so much rising to the occasion."
saturday, september 27th: "i spent $192 today."

as the last daily details, i went to new york city yesterday, on a whirlwind 15-hour trip including transit, for mp3-experimenting and frivolous-spending. and, of course, rice pudding-ing (can you imagine anything more amazing than tiramisu-flavored rice pudding? the answer is no, you can't.) sigh. anyway, there will be legitimate things to come, and soon, i swear. try to swallow the platitudes i am shoveling at you until i give you something real to digest.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

back in the saddle, or, finally, some new work!

hi everyone! shocking as it must be to hear from me in any kind of non-'dailies at 11:30pm on a sunday night, terse and short on time and patience' sort of capacity, here i am! with things to show! i know you must be thrilled. here is the first comic i did for sequential art, with the unbelievable brian ralph, also linked on the side. the theme was "what goes up...", or, something falling down. i took that very loosely to mean the idea of falling things, rather than actually drawing a leaf falling to the ground for 10 panels. go figure, brian wanted the latter. so here's me not following directions (including an ultra-emo first panel for which i truly apologize): no one takes into consideration how that extra-crunchy looking leaf that you went out of your way to step on feels after you grind it into the pavement. just saying.

in other news, i'm jetting (in a bus, so not so much jetting at all) to nyc this saturday to participate in improv everywhere's mp3 experiment, go eat delicious rice pudding, and maybe haunt the strand a bit. then baltimore comic con on sunday, followed by the even better small press expo and a ratatat show the following weekend. throw a built to spill concert in the mix tomorrow night, and then some time to let my head stop spinning. apparently i am fully engaged with the idea that "all work and no play makes alissandra a dull girl."

Sunday, September 21, 2008

dailies 9/14-9/20.

so recently in the dailies-making process, i forgot how to count and i made a few this week that are aren't so much square. forgive me. here is the week:

sunday, september 14th: "i have the guts, but will i actually use them?"
monday, september 15th: "there's that 'doors close, windows open' cliche, but it just feels like everything's locked."
tuesday, september 16th: "falling apart at the seams."
wednesday, september 17th: "i still can't tell if they're laughing at or with me."
thursday, september 18th: "enough minute changes to throw everything off."
friday, september 19th: "the music distracted me from the fact that i didn't do what i was supposed to do."
saturday, september 20th: "i have recently been falling asleep the instant i get into bed--if only i could get there."

i have obscene amounts of work to upload, but due to the work-making, there has been less time for the work-blogging. to come, i swear.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

dailies 9/7-9/13.

a very non-figural week for me, apparently. here are the dailies:

sunday, september 7th: "compartmentalizing to see if i can keep home at home and work at work."
monday, september 8th: "no dirty-laundry airing allowed."
tuesday, september 9th: "i'm nitpicking myself to death."
wednesday, september 10th: "conflicted and can't sleep."
thursday, september 11th: "my insides are maximum confused."
friday, september 12th: "i fail at reckless."
saturday, september 13th: "no means no, even if i'm not used to saying it."

in other news, i scored a sweet internship with squidfire, a company that designs and prints their own t-shirts here in baltimore. win! i'll keep you posted on anything awesome that goes on.

Sunday, September 7, 2008

dailies 8/31-9/6.

first week of classes! sort of. two of my classes did not happen because of labor day, so it was a little bit of an anti-climactic start to the semester. but! i moved into my shiny new studio in the fox building - it's lovely and it has a nice big window for primo natural light. i'm trying out this new work-stays-at-work, studio-stays-at-studio, home-stays-at-home thing, so we'll see how that works out for me.

sunday, august 31st: "i love my new house and the people in it."
monday, september 1st: "hit the ground running? or hit the ground face first?"
tuesday, september 2nd: "i'm not so good at keeping in touch."
wednesday, september 3rd: "...and the class hasn't even started yet."
thursday, september 4th: "i wonder how many people ignore them when they say hello."
friday, september 5th: "she needed me to be there and i wasn't."
saturday, september 6th: "getting things up an running bit by bit."

in other sort-of exciting news, i am finally trying to put all these dailies to good use and am preparing an application for a solo exhibition in one of mica's student space galleries. i realized that this spring (when the shows are slotted) i will have an entire year of tiny square illustrations to show, so i figured it was worth a shot? wish me luck!