Monday, October 6, 2008

dailies 9/28-10/4.

okay, so super-speedy because i wanna shower and sleep like whoa. ratatat was tonight and it was epic. SO GOOD LIVE. it was round three of my new "ras are people too" strategy that was implemented this weekend, a most excellent of weekends. anyway, i'm out to be clean.

sunday, september 28th: "i can't take credit for the image here, but man was today a broken record sort of day."
monday, september 29th: "HOLY SHIT HEADACHE"
tuesday, september 30th: "high-five, sweet squidfire internship."
wednesday, october 1st: "today was the first day i ran into my roommate not in our house."
thursday, october 2nd: "this is all i need."
friday, october 3rd: "an experiment in 'to hell with it'-ing: i blew off my micro-managed self-imposed schedule."
saturday, october 4th: "powering through toward an unseen end."

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AishaK said...

"high-five, sweet squidfire internship." - YYYYAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!