Wednesday, October 1, 2008

in which alissandra finally makes good on her eons of empty promises.

try not to have some sort of aneurysm or anything, but look! wow! cool! actual updates of substance. here are the first two pages of my thesis, which is, in short, an illustrated mixtape. each of the twelve tracks has an accompanying full-page illustration, with lyrics illuminated from each song to tell a simple love story through the course of the tape. here is the track list:

1. cath... - death cab for cutie (below)
2. pictures of success - rilo kiley (below below)
3. if she wants me - belle & sebastian
4. postcards from italy - beirut
5. you said something - pj harvey
6. gold in the air of summer - kings of convenience
7. look up - stars
8. the bleeding heart show - the new pornographers
9. a bird in hand - owen
10. take it from me- the weepies
11. tables & chairs - andrew bird
12. in an aeroplane over the sea - neutral milk hotel

as was mentioned and linked before, i had originally uploaded the entire playlist as a handy muxtape, an amazing (and therefore highly dangerous and destined to fail) mixtape service that the riaa killed a few months ago. check out the link to read about their story, and if you really want to hear the tracks, check out the hype machine or skreemr, two fairly reliable web aggregators that should give you a taste for what the accompanying music sounds like. or, you know, youtube that business. ideally the illustrations would be formatted as a lyrics booklet to accompany the mix, so in theory, the reader would have the track and the images together.

anyway, feedback would be greatly appreciated, especially in terms of readability as the book progresses. i just finished up the 5th track today, so there should be more work in the pipeline. and, two more sequential pieces on the way as well. this weekend is spx, the small press expo (and indie comics nerd holy grail) in the middle of nowhere, maryland with the likes of jillian tamaki, james kochalka, and jeff lemire, among others.

in other news, two bits of non-thesis-related splendor: i started my internship with squidfire yesterday and oh man, it is great. they are a little local t-shirt company that designs, prints, and sells their own shirts, bags, etc., and they just opened a retail store in hampden. i'm helping them out with the launch of the store, festival and craft show prep, and internet orders/inventory! yay. and lastly, i recently found out that i will be having a solo exhibition this coming february here at mica in one of the student space galleries, showing a full year of my dailies all together en masse. cool! okay. the end. sorry for the all trigger-happy hotlinking on this bad boy.

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tyler parker said...

I don't know if I've mentioned this before but I love your thesis idea like a whole lot.