Monday, October 27, 2008

dailies 10/19-10/25.

a bit of a weird week because of fall break (aka, four-day weekend) coming in and lulling me into a false sense of freedom only to be snatched away just as the revelry set in. but! here they are anyway:
sunday, october 19th: "longest, loudest, coldest bus ride. ever."
monday, october 20th: "dancing in real life to a song only in my head."
tuesday, october 21st: "feeling extra-wide today."
wednesday, october 22nd: "okay, so fine, i'm dwelling. what of it?"
thursday, october 23rd: "my first taste of the real world was pretty good."
friday, october 24th: "we sedimented ourselves under increasingly compounded layers of sad."
saturday, october 25th: "apparently, it's not worth the fight for me or anyone else."

i did some swell things in the city, like eat more rice pudding (a requirement, not a privilege-- this time it was cannoli flavored) and lurk around the strand, finding early release hodgman love and secretly awesome daumier lithograph books on high high ladder-requiring shelves.

also, last week i added a fictional sunday to the calendar, suggesting for no apparent reason that particular week was deserving of eight days instead of seven. the 19th, in fact, belongs in this week. traitor, slash, my bad.

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Annie Wu said...

Sedimentary sadness = Joy Division album cover.

Also, I'm glad you noticed that thing I do with my hands when they're cold.