Wednesday, October 29, 2008

thesis part deux.

here are a couple more pieces from my thesis, tracks three and four. in the real world, i'm a shocking two-thirds of the way done, but here in fake-blog-land, i'm a little behind with the updating. the first image accompanies "postcards from italy" by beirut.
track four (below) is "if she wants me" by belle & sebastian. also in the works is a companion page with the track info to be placed opposite each illustration. so the final book will be 24 pages (or twelve spreads). less chat, more other things! there's a bunch of work to come, i swear. i feel like the boy who cried wolf, but i'm the girl who cried "new work coming soon." sigh.

1 comment:

amy manzolillo said...

i really love the colors and leaf design in this one.

i also am madly in love with the shadows on that coffee mug. madly.

ps. lets sit together in thesis and be awesome <3