Saturday, October 4, 2008

castaway, sort of.

my second comic for brian's class, slash ever, based in the idea of the castaway (single character) escaping the island (any sort of entrapment/place). also, silent! since text and word bubbles introduce a whole other mess of complications. it reads without too much explanation, i hope? isn't that the point of a comic?
just a quick one today since i'm off to spx to spend money and drool over semi-famous people. i went to the spx-plosion last night (a pre-spx comics party-hipster-nerdfest of awesomeness) to see brian and others read their comics aloud and check out atomic books' new digs, where the event was held. weirdly enough, they partner with one of my favorite blogs, largehearted boy, to promote his "52 books, 52 weeks" resolution, and they're in baltimore, and they're awesome. anyway, see you tomorrow for dailies (now under slightly higher pressure since they're going on a wall next semester).

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largehearted boy said...

Thanks for reading Largehearted Boy (and for patronizing my favorite bookstore in the world).

SPX looks amazing this year, I wish I had planned a Baltimore trip to be there.