Sunday, September 28, 2008

dailies 9/21-9/28.

more dailies, just like always. there are some big things on the horizon, including the debut of my thesis (finally finally), on which i am rounding the 1/3 point, which is pretty cool slash terrifying to think about. look for the first couple pages a little later this week!

sunday, september 21st: "fighting bad habits."
monday, september 22nd: "i've ruined myself for sleep."
tuesday, september 23rd: "a completely free, no-schedule-no-meetings day"
wednesday, september 24th: "i was at the built to spill concert, but my mind was somewhere else."
thursday, september 25th: "everyone ever to my rescue."
friday, september 26th: "not so much rising to the occasion."
saturday, september 27th: "i spent $192 today."

as the last daily details, i went to new york city yesterday, on a whirlwind 15-hour trip including transit, for mp3-experimenting and frivolous-spending. and, of course, rice pudding-ing (can you imagine anything more amazing than tiramisu-flavored rice pudding? the answer is no, you can't.) sigh. anyway, there will be legitimate things to come, and soon, i swear. try to swallow the platitudes i am shoveling at you until i give you something real to digest.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

back in the saddle, or, finally, some new work!

hi everyone! shocking as it must be to hear from me in any kind of non-'dailies at 11:30pm on a sunday night, terse and short on time and patience' sort of capacity, here i am! with things to show! i know you must be thrilled. here is the first comic i did for sequential art, with the unbelievable brian ralph, also linked on the side. the theme was "what goes up...", or, something falling down. i took that very loosely to mean the idea of falling things, rather than actually drawing a leaf falling to the ground for 10 panels. go figure, brian wanted the latter. so here's me not following directions (including an ultra-emo first panel for which i truly apologize): no one takes into consideration how that extra-crunchy looking leaf that you went out of your way to step on feels after you grind it into the pavement. just saying.

in other news, i'm jetting (in a bus, so not so much jetting at all) to nyc this saturday to participate in improv everywhere's mp3 experiment, go eat delicious rice pudding, and maybe haunt the strand a bit. then baltimore comic con on sunday, followed by the even better small press expo and a ratatat show the following weekend. throw a built to spill concert in the mix tomorrow night, and then some time to let my head stop spinning. apparently i am fully engaged with the idea that "all work and no play makes alissandra a dull girl."

Sunday, September 21, 2008

dailies 9/14-9/20.

so recently in the dailies-making process, i forgot how to count and i made a few this week that are aren't so much square. forgive me. here is the week:

sunday, september 14th: "i have the guts, but will i actually use them?"
monday, september 15th: "there's that 'doors close, windows open' cliche, but it just feels like everything's locked."
tuesday, september 16th: "falling apart at the seams."
wednesday, september 17th: "i still can't tell if they're laughing at or with me."
thursday, september 18th: "enough minute changes to throw everything off."
friday, september 19th: "the music distracted me from the fact that i didn't do what i was supposed to do."
saturday, september 20th: "i have recently been falling asleep the instant i get into bed--if only i could get there."

i have obscene amounts of work to upload, but due to the work-making, there has been less time for the work-blogging. to come, i swear.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

dailies 9/7-9/13.

a very non-figural week for me, apparently. here are the dailies:

sunday, september 7th: "compartmentalizing to see if i can keep home at home and work at work."
monday, september 8th: "no dirty-laundry airing allowed."
tuesday, september 9th: "i'm nitpicking myself to death."
wednesday, september 10th: "conflicted and can't sleep."
thursday, september 11th: "my insides are maximum confused."
friday, september 12th: "i fail at reckless."
saturday, september 13th: "no means no, even if i'm not used to saying it."

in other news, i scored a sweet internship with squidfire, a company that designs and prints their own t-shirts here in baltimore. win! i'll keep you posted on anything awesome that goes on.

Sunday, September 7, 2008

dailies 8/31-9/6.

first week of classes! sort of. two of my classes did not happen because of labor day, so it was a little bit of an anti-climactic start to the semester. but! i moved into my shiny new studio in the fox building - it's lovely and it has a nice big window for primo natural light. i'm trying out this new work-stays-at-work, studio-stays-at-studio, home-stays-at-home thing, so we'll see how that works out for me.

sunday, august 31st: "i love my new house and the people in it."
monday, september 1st: "hit the ground running? or hit the ground face first?"
tuesday, september 2nd: "i'm not so good at keeping in touch."
wednesday, september 3rd: "...and the class hasn't even started yet."
thursday, september 4th: "i wonder how many people ignore them when they say hello."
friday, september 5th: "she needed me to be there and i wasn't."
saturday, september 6th: "getting things up an running bit by bit."

in other sort-of exciting news, i am finally trying to put all these dailies to good use and am preparing an application for a solo exhibition in one of mica's student space galleries. i realized that this spring (when the shows are slotted) i will have an entire year of tiny square illustrations to show, so i figured it was worth a shot? wish me luck!

Monday, September 1, 2008

hello, house!

so, it turns out that despite my best efforts to remember who, where and when i am, i mis-dated all the dailies for last week, sliding the whole collection into the past by a day. this is me acknowledging, but not correcting, that fact. think of it as preserving the past in which i didn't know what day it was.

in other news, here's my new home! there's still a little work to be done in terms of adorning the walls and such, but all three of us are here and wonderful and so is this place. so begins our tour! coming in the front door and looking left, this is what you see:around the corner is the bathroom, and the second door is my room (please note the totally-not-dead bonsai tree and his little light-happy shelf):
here's my lovely plein-air closet (sort of), with my bureau and wardrobe next door to it.
and my reading nook, complete with one-hundred percent awesome view.leaving my room, we see the shiny shiny kitchen, then turning left, you see the living room.
the crazy makeshift bookshelf display is probably my favorite part. moral of the story: i like it. i'm hoping that a swell apartment sets the tone for a swell year.