Tuesday, September 23, 2008

back in the saddle, or, finally, some new work!

hi everyone! shocking as it must be to hear from me in any kind of non-'dailies at 11:30pm on a sunday night, terse and short on time and patience' sort of capacity, here i am! with things to show! i know you must be thrilled. here is the first comic i did for sequential art, with the unbelievable brian ralph, also linked on the side. the theme was "what goes up...", or, something falling down. i took that very loosely to mean the idea of falling things, rather than actually drawing a leaf falling to the ground for 10 panels. go figure, brian wanted the latter. so here's me not following directions (including an ultra-emo first panel for which i truly apologize): no one takes into consideration how that extra-crunchy looking leaf that you went out of your way to step on feels after you grind it into the pavement. just saying.

in other news, i'm jetting (in a bus, so not so much jetting at all) to nyc this saturday to participate in improv everywhere's mp3 experiment, go eat delicious rice pudding, and maybe haunt the strand a bit. then baltimore comic con on sunday, followed by the even better small press expo and a ratatat show the following weekend. throw a built to spill concert in the mix tomorrow night, and then some time to let my head stop spinning. apparently i am fully engaged with the idea that "all work and no play makes alissandra a dull girl."

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