Sunday, September 14, 2008

dailies 9/7-9/13.

a very non-figural week for me, apparently. here are the dailies:

sunday, september 7th: "compartmentalizing to see if i can keep home at home and work at work."
monday, september 8th: "no dirty-laundry airing allowed."
tuesday, september 9th: "i'm nitpicking myself to death."
wednesday, september 10th: "conflicted and can't sleep."
thursday, september 11th: "my insides are maximum confused."
friday, september 12th: "i fail at reckless."
saturday, september 13th: "no means no, even if i'm not used to saying it."

in other news, i scored a sweet internship with squidfire, a company that designs and prints their own t-shirts here in baltimore. win! i'll keep you posted on anything awesome that goes on.

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