Monday, September 1, 2008

hello, house!

so, it turns out that despite my best efforts to remember who, where and when i am, i mis-dated all the dailies for last week, sliding the whole collection into the past by a day. this is me acknowledging, but not correcting, that fact. think of it as preserving the past in which i didn't know what day it was.

in other news, here's my new home! there's still a little work to be done in terms of adorning the walls and such, but all three of us are here and wonderful and so is this place. so begins our tour! coming in the front door and looking left, this is what you see:around the corner is the bathroom, and the second door is my room (please note the totally-not-dead bonsai tree and his little light-happy shelf):
here's my lovely plein-air closet (sort of), with my bureau and wardrobe next door to it.
and my reading nook, complete with one-hundred percent awesome view.leaving my room, we see the shiny shiny kitchen, then turning left, you see the living room.
the crazy makeshift bookshelf display is probably my favorite part. moral of the story: i like it. i'm hoping that a swell apartment sets the tone for a swell year.


rafaelsoldi said...

your reading nook looks so cozy and the books look great under the TV!

Elle Perez said...